Doggie Sketch a Day: Week of Hands 1

As I struggle with my new entry about daily eating and blood pressure, I have a new series of “Sketch a Day”: Week of Hands. I chose to work on hands and fingers, wanting to put more study in anatomy (and to lay off the cartoony stuff) in hopes to improve on it in a week. but I can’t find my anatomy book.

I don’t have a sketchbook from when I was 5 or 6 years old, so I’ll just have to do what I have now, display it, and see if it improves.

Drawing the hands, initially using the contour technique, is difficult. However, the more you do it, the more you can do the angles by instinct. However, I can’t get it to look too realistic.

It is disappointing to me, but I wasn’t going for the realism, but rather the comfort and to see if I could make the shape. So it started off in my tiny notepad that I write shopping lists and memory notes in.

 photo handsline1_zpserpe2mya.jpg

Videos express using a square as the basic shape for palm, and the fingers are not straight. Naturally, each finger or phalanges has three joints, giving them the ability to curl. Below the fingers is the metacarpus.


The thumb is difficult too, especially when your skin is so broad, maybe looking at the diagram will help. I did a test sketch of Arion (see Terrae Part 4) while doing this.

 photo hands1_zpsdqqhlvyl.jpg


I think I was working on foreshadowing with bent fingers. In anything, try looking at your own hand.

 photo handday2_zpscqxzzcae.jpg

A cute scene I had in my head. Even if I’m not completely sure about his appearance, his “frowny look” will stay. So in the story, the village girls (and his goddess’s daughter) likes him. Even when the girls grab his arm, he doesn’t smile.

Angle here is a bit bad.

 photo arioncutsidewa_zpspjwx5dgn.jpg


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