Eneroth – The horrible Land of Baldemar. Also #PrayForOrlando

Crappy week ending with a crappy weekend. If I was more of a professional blogger, I’d dedicate more time into looking up the cultures of hate crime and guns in America and create articles on them more promptly. But my current position will not allow it. Even my entry about Islam and Michigan is stuck in drafts. So, at best, I could do summaries. Maybe a couple of paragraphs or three.


Orlando, Florida, here’s what I can give you. Did this in haste:kogaforrainbo

“What gives?” Mr. Timberlake?

“Why?” Miss Grande?

I don’t know. I think we got to keep cool and stay in the middle of the line. Life is fun. Sometimes, Caucasians tick me off; sometimes African Americans tick me off; sometimes Middle Easterners, and so on. Sometimes, I don’t understand mental illnesses either. And many times, even when I see various people saying hello and getting along with each other (like at grocery stores), it surprises me to remember that segregation rules existed in the near past, and that it’s trying to revive in this era.



Plenty of summoning, but too lazy to post them up, but my recent two are related to a horrible land. With these characters and Grand Quest sheds light on a horrible world called Eneroth. There is a war between the Deva and the Morokai, while the latter experiences its own inner war thanks to the greed and ferocity of Overlord Azurai. Strangely, Deva and Morokai work together in a hunter tribe called the Rih’alnase. Or at least, Morokai Avani, Morokai Korzan and Deva Haile, some powerful units, end up working together. Azurai, however, has the same cogitation, except he’ll dispose anyone at whim.

 photo nyala_zps1s5hxxpe.png

Nyala is a boxer (or pugilist like Dilma) but background portrays her as weak and tragic. Yes, a disciple of the Morokai lord Azurai, her family was killed during the Deva-Morokai battles, and she was taken by slavers, leaving her beloved little sister alone. Is it possible that she is related to Rih’alnase member Nyami?

 photo AZURAI_zpsxihxgxvl.png

After spending money for tickets and gems, I received Overlord Azurai, leader of Baldemar. Seeing him the first time, I confused him as a machine like the Soul Bond units. It turns out he is the father of Korzan, and it’s very suitable. His BB and leader skill combined decreases damage, increases critical hit, crit.damage, and BB ATK like Korzan. Starting at 7 star, this unit is overbearing as he should. SBB adds HP to attack damage, increases parameters (like leader skill) and critical hit/damage. Offensive devastation. However, BB Gauge won’t increase?

I also played a bit of the Raid Class and Grand Quest. Turns out that Haile is quite a hothead, and Avani is hilarious.


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