Doggie’s Sketch a day: The Terrae (Part 4)

Last part of the last three:

After that, it’s more Brave Frontier as I seek out the Azurai MECHA unit. The last Terrae is the right hand.

Author Note:

His primary title is “Life Cycle”. Said to be the strongest guardian; in mythological times, Demeter had Triptolemus, and Arion is the same. So, he goes around Naxos and has a charismatic character/voice. Also, a horse rider; probably similar to Athena’s Libra.

Tries to coerce Koga into turning from Naxos.

Japanese C.V is Takahashi Hiroki (高橋 広樹); English counterpart is probably..Patrick Seitz?

 photo arionsetei_zps7ztgrglh.jpg

“Kinda handsome” in scribble.

I don’t have much visual on him either, so some of his looks is inspired by Ginga. He has big jagged eyebrows that look like they give his eyes a shadow.

He’s the most serious character and his hair is purple, but I fear the idea of making him look like “Saga”, whose name keeps popping in my head. That is because Saga is an influential character in the Seiya series. Well, heck, the Gemini Saints in particular. He’s also popular.


So, it’s something to work on, and to be satisfied with later. Unlike Saga, he doesn’t smile wickedly when he’s about to destroy/kill his opponent. So, he’s pretty much the cool and composed type (冷静沈着).


2 thoughts on “Doggie’s Sketch a day: The Terrae (Part 4)

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