GO SHOOT! Beyblade BURST 1-9

What time is it?

Iron Ring Sentai BEYBLADEJYA

(鉄円戦隊 ベイブレージャー)!

My initial thoughts of BEYBLADE BURST was already expressed

Somebody has to do it, since it also reached the 10th episode mark. A country full of shows, and Western focus seems to focus on a selective bunch.

However, I’ll have to do episode 10 another time, but it’s basically Valt (or Baruto) having to go through a struggle.

Actually, the show is quite slow, but I’ll tell you what happened.

BTW, in AnimeRanking, the top three characters are Kiyama, Shu, and Valt!

The Boys and the Blades


Aoi Valt (蒼井バルト) | C.V Inoue Marina
Main Character. Despite being blue, he’s the passionate type with the wild hair. Wild child archetype. He loves beyblading and wants to be Shu’s battle rival in the national tournament. The majority of the show, so far, has him training and gathering members for his school’s BEY CLUB. He really needs to train mentally because he blows his top easily, but he has a type of spirit that understands the fun in the sport. Stil, his learning curve surprises his opponents. Spinout does a rant of stupid “no rational” main characters in anime (Japanese), even mentioning characters from SUPER SENTAI! (BouKen Red YAY!)

Aoi’s BB is Victory Valkyrie B.V, an attack type.

Shu Kurenai (紅シュウ)

Got to love the rivals. I do, but this rival happens to be red. Kurenai Shu is a calm guy but has a passionate side, making him an ace blader. He’s stomping his foes in the tournament, all the while watching Valt and giving advice (even if it’s sharp criticism) from time to time. Wakiya wants to defeat him.

His beyblade is Storm Spriggan K.U, a balance type.

Rantaro Kiyama


A big loud oaf like Aoi and carries a big fan, but he is the senior of the group or so it seems. Thus, he is called Kumicho (boss), which I think is bull unless he can legally drink. He dressed and has the hair like you typical Japanese motorbike punk. Like Bozozoku. Rantaro gets kicked out of the tourney in the first ep, but he provides assistance in the club’s training. Rising Ragnarok G.R is his Bey, a stamina type.

Kensuke Midorikawa | C.V: Yonaga Tsubasa

His Bey is Kaiser Kerebeus L.P, the three-headed dog of Hell, a defense type before Wyvern. Probably the most interesting guy so far because he uses ventriloquism while using two dog puppets on his hand. “I’m Ker. I’m Ber”. If Kensuke ever talks, you’ll blink and miss it, because those puppets do the talking. Losing in the tournament, he asks Shu if he could fight him. It’s interesting to note that the “Ken” Kanji in Kensuke’s name means “Dog”.


Daina Kurogami 

Beyblade is the scary “Dark Deathscyther F.J“, also an attack type like Valkyrie. Had a reputation of bursting his opponents’ Bey in such short time, but the death god doesn’t seem so scary after fighting Valkyrie and Holisood. His fight with Valt was unusual, both Beys collecting draws, porbably bursting simultaneously due to their power. He also has a brother complex?


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