Deculture Doggie Time! Macross Δ‎ (Delta) 1-10. So far

Macross Delta time!

Another weekly focus for this blog. Something for me to practice on. I already explained my initial thoughts of Macross Delta in a short summary. So I wondered how to commit myself to the blog more regularly and how it may be a bit interesting. For now, I can only think of Super Hero Time and the rest of the weekly shows. I wish I could do Game of Thrones or Zoo.

I also saw an interesting book that I might want to pick up.

As for  Macross Delta, a short summary: Hayate has no path or ambition, but ends up flying for Delta Platoon because he loves flying; heroine Freyja of Windemere joins Walkure; with a deep warring passion, people of Windemere want to free the galaxy from the Federation; Freyja and Hayate have a connection with their spatial folds; Walkure and Delta Platoon combine their powers to fight the Vars; Vars is influenced by the voice of Prince Heinz of Windermere.

Now, short thoughts and spoilers on


After heart-thumping taunting for about three to five episodes, we say goodbye to the Lieutenant-kun.


The Wind’s song vs the warrioress’ song.

The episode’s ending left us with a bitter taste in our mouths. Along with Kaname’s beautiful melody (C.V: Yasuno Kiyonoand she’s probably better than Mikumo) being crushed, Messer Aelfort (C.V: Uchiyama Koki) probably went down, Gundam SEED style. Most gruesome way ever. Even though, it stays true to the Macross series, which has some deaths that’d make you cringe a bit.

Who will now take the mantle of the White Knight’s rival? Will Orbital Knight Keith (C.V: Kimura Ryohei) be satisfied in this war?  What is the true legacy of the White Knight? Or rather, why was Messer called the Shinigami (Death god)? Did they meet during the Vars outbreak at Alfheim?


Kaze…!” (Wind)

Another concern is the Windemere prince. The mention that Windemeres don’t live long is recurring, and it seems that Heinz is dying from his song. Will Freyjas’ fate turn for the worst?

Another mystery is Mikumo.



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