Toku Doggie Time! Kamen Rider Ghost: SO FAR!

I forgot to bring this up. Rather, I should make this weekly, have a screencap or two per entry, and give out a short summary. The title “Toku Doggie Time” is a reference to SUPER HERO TIME”, the time slot where the traditional Kamen Rider and Super Sentai shows air Sunday morning in Japan, 7:30a to 8:30a. Also called “Sentai-Rider” day.

Today’s topic is the current Kamen Rider show: KAMEN RIDER GHOST! The 27th Rider. Before I do Zyuohger, I have to catch up first.


At the start of every episode, the main character Tenkuuji Takeru (天空寺 タケル) tells the whole world how he died on his 18th birthday. At the start of the things, we hang on to the plot that we must bring Takeru back to life using the Eyecons. Of course, in every hero show, every toku show, evil threatens our very existence: In this generation, it’s the Ganma (眼魔, Eye demons).

We’re at the halfway point so to just avoid spoilers, I’ll just say that….

I think when I always start these shows, it’s interesting. They make you ask questions and the MC develops his henshin powers, or makes new friends or enemies, but as you delve deeper into an antagonist’s convictions, around the second half, it starts to get shallow. Even Takeru had a good chance with an interesting rivalry (ie: Gaim, Fourze, W, probably Sword/Ken)).

Then somewhere it gets corny.

When I start doing weekly entries on these Toku Shows, I’ll explain more. Starting this week with Episode 34.

On a side note, Seki Tomokazu (a favorite voice actor and is a big Kamen Rider fan and Toei toy) does a lovely job voicing the heroic ghosts and bringing out their character. You may notice it being the same voice at times, but the portrayal of who is who (such as their speech) is what really matters. Like with 18 year old King Tutankhamun recently, which was funny.


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