Doggie’s Sketch a day: The Terrae (Part 3)

Today is Work Slump Tuesday.

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2. Getting into the more serious characters.

Like with most sketches, according to “Sketch a Day”, I don’t take them seriously and use a NO2 pencil, equivalent to a HB. My idea is to make a form for future results. Unfortunately, it leads to be being loose rather than careful, and I end up going quickly. Sometimes I use a mechanical pencil for the precision. So maybe I’m comfortable at being a drafter?

The difference between Koga and Ginga (Saint Seiya)


 photo gingavsKogaFIX_zpsjiwsmymf.jpg
I made this in haste.

There might be the assumption that spiked hair isn’t too variable or “manga/anime drawing” is childish. However, the concept of the face and body is still familiar to a portrait. For Seiya, the direction of the hair, the length, and the accurate angle of the face (and the lines) can define the character.

No matter what, keep trying hard. I’m not too bothered by drawing anime, but I am worried that my style may stick as “cute” or “cartoonish”, therefore making it incredibly difficult to do realistic art or portraits. I don’t think I want to share my attempt on Abraham Lincoln.

Author note:

MEGAERA (named after the Fury, a bunch of nymphs who punish men for their sins. Crime punishers).

The oldest sibling. Her power is meant to destroy; would enemy’s lives even meet salvation? It’s “Swithern” [her title] because earth is supposed to sprout after death, but only through gruesome forceful means. Gruesome and force: That is Meg. Furthermore, she harbors a great anger.

That’s if…I can figure out why. I don’t think love will have to do with it.


 photo megara_settifix_zpsgbldjzax.jpg

Meg’s title is the “Swithern“. I did her a few times, more than Pan.

While it’s OK, somehow, she turned out a little seductive in this sketch? Reminds me how I drew Sonia (from Omega) the first time. I thought, “No! Not her at all!”. Was that the image I was looking for?

Every sketch of Meg had pointy hair, which ripple (or maybe stretch out) when she’s angry, and shows that “fury” side as she shows her resent towards the Saints. I was supposed to show that on the far right, but didn’t work out completely. I’m trying to go for “scary” or “intimidating” while still showing that she is a woman.

I’m a little worried of making her look too much like Gallia, who is probably the strongest female character in Seiya series? Or Hilda? Or Athena? I’m thinking aside from Athena, especially the antagonists. SS universe isn’t too nice with women…


Gallia (c) Toei Animation/SS Omega

Meg has black hair and red eyes, the latter suitable in the description of the Furies. Well, Megaera might need a complete makeover? Gallia’s hair is quite long though, and I thought of Meg’s being shorter. Again, might need to be completely changed. It’s often the case to not like the first draft; a character will inevitably change.


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