Doggie’s Sketch a day: The Terrae (Part 2)

I’m feeling the burden of work.

Continuing from a previous entry about the Terrae and new Sketch a Day. So, this is part 2, but I missed out details.

More about Ginga

Thin eyebrows and hair color.

At first he had thick brows, but those were given to the serious original characters. One thing I really wanted to be careful about was the hair color. I wanted something that could fit a galaxy, since that’s the theme he is based on. I thought white would fit a “bright star”, then I thought orange and light blue. However, there were too many red/orange heads (ie: Koga, Soma, Genbu, Apollo, Hyperion), and both Eden and Saga have white hair. Many of the villains have white hair such as Valentine, Minos, Oneiros, Hilda, and Thanatos (or Thanatos is gray?).

Light blue was also a concern, or rather the color “blue” itself. I was a little worried about because Lira Orphee (light shade), Saga/Kanon, and Aprodite/Albafica had blue hair; Eden had blue hair as well earlier in the Omega series. There’s also Abel. Still, the light blue idea won’t go away. So I’m thinking, “blue that it’s almost white”.

Blue and white are common colors in a Japanese Yukata (kimono) and Ginga’s name can mean “galaxy” and “silver summer”. An “everyday life”; I think blue also means “loyalty” in Japan? And a common color for youth, and university (School) suits. It’s also suitable that Ginga has green eyes. Silver Summer.

Ginga is one of the youngest Terrae and he shows intelligence.

Let’s do Pan!


Pan (the nymphs’ god friend. God of the wild and shepherds)

Youngest sister. I have her C.V listed as Watanabe Akeno (渡辺 明乃). Pan is a male name, but she has a boyish impression (thanks to short hair). Acts a bit quiet and tender like a loyal sibling, but fights aggressively. Likes going outdoors.

In Greek Myth, Pan is associated with Rhea, the mother of Demeter.

 photo pan_settei_zpslaorwzw4.jpg
Little idea on her. She had the least sketches and the only thing that stuck out of my head is “Give her short cropped hair”.

Pan’s title is the Loom, and fabric can derive from something from the earth such as silk and cotton. Therefore, she’s given blond hair with highlights. Thus, representing prairies. Other than that, I have little on the child. I guess it’s something to work on for hours until satisfied. I think in older sketches she didn’t have as much jagged edges.

I’ll just get better later down the road.


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