Doggie’s Sketch a day: The Terrae (Part 1)

I come with not only one but four “Sketches”, also ideas. One I did last night. Do I feel embarrassed to share story ideas? Should anyone? Especially on a more public blog site like WordPress? Maybe. Maybe I say this because I’m not a professional novelist or blogger. Even though I have various ideas for entries, stories, and so on, maybe WordPress has a general reputation of intricate, clever, broad-minded writing about social life? About how Donald Trump would make a great president, or how everyone in the world can defeat cancer? Or why there are so many plane crashes or shootings in Detroit, Michigan?

And not something related to a conflicting topic like fanfiction? In other words, my small amount of ethos will probably not shield me from embarrassment. All that I can say is that art and reading/writing are correlated to the stimulation of imagination (or memory manipulation).

Back to the sketch topic. This week, I’ve wanted to work on vehicles and monsters, the latter particularly from Monster Rancher. My zuum and zan were failures, so I ended up with these four sketches from Saint Seiya (SS) just for this entry. I’ve constantly worked on Saint Seiya due to the wish of making a cover art and villains settei (model sheets).

I happen to do SS fanfic, one being a long series, which will end up explained in another entry, so these sketches are the “FOUR TERRA VILLAINS”.

I’ll make this part 1 because niece won’t leave me alone and there’s work in the morning. Part 2 tomorrow.


 photo Ginga_Settei_zps3hqic6cp.jpg

Author Notes:

Ginga (Silver summer)

“A big brother who works at a bookstore and became Koga’s friend during his travels. Does he care about Earth the most? Indeed, he sympathizes with Demeter’s heart deeply, but holds back his true feelings about the destruction of Earth.”

I did this yesterday night, but my niece kept disturbing me. I think it took about 5 mins? It was simple since I’ve sketched Ginga countless times. No, I’ve been very disappointed because each sketch was inconsistent. I think I will ultimately come to the decision of giving the hair some width, short, and having them at near the same length. What distinguishes him is the curly sideburns over his cheeks. That’s what makes him. I don’t think I curled them that much in this sketch though.

In terms of impression, I wanted to look for a “nice, big brother” (いい兄さん) look that “works in a library”.

“Welcome.” (いらっしゃいませ) Not “too nice” like Shun, but something in between strong and tender. If that makes sense. Also, “2nd main character” (主人公) and “Don’t make him look like Koga/look a little older than Koga”.


His Image C.V or character voice is Kondo Takayuki; if you want an English counterpart, it could be Liam O’Brien or Jerry Jewell. Also, he needs to make a different face when he’s actually serious.

Each sketch will have a “stupid face” that I just scribble in there. In Ginga’s case, it’s the “puffy cheeks scribble”.


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