Brave Frontier: Bariura (Inferno-Purgatory) Clan #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier

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I have a lot to get to. Might as well get it out of the way. I also bought a new ticket bundle. Also, I finally reached 7 Star Seria and Lugina; also 6 star Gradens. I swear this is so challenging; I go from one pain to another for Karl, and I actually feel stomped.

Somewhat latest batch were the children of the Bariura Imperial Kingdom, who fought against the gods. Apparently the Emperor had many children, at least eight, with the mighty Sirius being the first prince. SO, going down the line after Sirius from what I gathered: Earth Dure (2nd prince), Dark ELZA (2nd princess), Water Serias (3rd prince), Fire Berdette (3rd daughter), Thunder Razia (5th), and Dark Marina (6th princess). All of them, including Sirius, has the term Inferno in their titles.

 photo grassaxe_zps13nip7ys.png

2nd Prince Dure’s leader skill increases HP, suitable for a earth type unit, where they usually excel with some kind of support technique. His BB, “Roca Break” attacks, increases, ARK and DEF, and helps you heal HP when attacked. In Bariura, Dure was assigned command to the expedition forces. There seems to be a record of him being “incredibly loyal” as his father was wary of betrayal.

 photo infernoSareas_zpsdjohxaa9.png

Ice archer Prince Sareas has a leader skill that boosts all parameters. Like grass, the water units have lovely support abilities. Sareas’s BB boosts BB gauge and causes Spark damage to boost it. So that should mean that in later levels, it’ll prove a every usually ability. He seems tough so I will help him grow. He seems like a beautiful l youth that is kind and respected by the people, despite the empire’s infamy. However, a high official’s diary states otherwise.

Princess Melina and Princess Berndette were mentioned in a previous entry. Melina is Chrome’s niece; many of the dark units, such as Eru, Oboro, Mifune, Magress, and Bahvel, are from Bariura. Bern was placed as captain of Public Order, becoming the face of the empire. Her honor is harsh and strong and she’ll use any techniques for survival. As for Melina, praise after praise from her father led her to enjoy her job – Infiltration and assassination. Chrome does not approve.

It turns out that Chrome is indeed a noble – he is the younger brother of Bariura’s emperor and has survived countless assassinations. Despite this, during the war against the gods, he became a commissioner of special forces. If Melina is a tiny shadow, then Chrome is at its base.

Necromancer Yuura and Sorcerer Shida also served the Empire. Apparently, Shida faced Chrome (younger brother of the Emperor), being thrown into a crater. Did he possibly enter Ishgria? Lymle serves Shida.

The infamous Mifune wandered alone with his otherworldly katana, turning down the Emperor’s proposal to join him. After slaying many without remorse, he met his death at the hands of Flame hero Vargas. However, he could nto die. He became an Ashura (阿修羅), addicted to fighting, unable to rest, as he blade continued to sharpen.


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