Galaxy wind! JIN-RAI-GAAAAAAAAAAA! #ジンライガ― #jinraiger #Mecha #scifi


Should we get excited about the original J9 work, Galaxy Divine Wind (GDW) Jinraiger?

If you’re a retro fan then maybe? A super sentai fan? A sci-fi fan? A super robot fan?

By the looks of things, it looks like the staff, and the producer being J9 veteran writer Yamamoto Yu (山本優), who has also worked on the screenplay of the original Gundam and original Yatterman, Gachaman, and Urusei Yatsura, are aiming to go big and free. However, they’re having problems with keeping each other together such as with music production.

Already, I like the idea of characters. The show’s theme is based on Water margin (水滸傳), “Suikoden” in Japanese, which has 108 generals called the “Stars of Destiny”. The characters will be based on those said generals. Not sure if you heard of “Dairugger XV” but there were 15 robots that were able to combine. Considering the many characters of Anpanman (and it holds the Guiness record of most characters) and Level 4’s Inazuma Eleven series, 108 characters should not be a hassle?

I, myself, plan to make a series about shinobi with as much characters as I can.

Let me share some Jinraiga material in progress:


 photo Leerock_v5_sample_zpsuf7dqqc4.jpg

Leerock Woura’s (リーロック・ワウラ) motif is Si Jin. The Rising Dragon! Sense of justice is strong; is he related to Ginga Senpu Braiger (first J9 series)’s Blaster Kid?

 photo ruingho_zps6mx0clwy.jpg

Rin Ho (リンホー)’s motif is Rin Cho (or Lin chong), a former martial arts instructor. Doesn’t he look like a guy with a barrier behind his true skill? No. he looks strong/tough doesn’t he?

There are various info and artworks within the GDW website’s archives.

gdw-jinraiger/blomaga/tagged 小説/ノヴァノベラ (NOVA NOVELLA!)

There are various screenplay drafts and novella, and you need to be a premium member to access them fully.

【特別公開】銀河神風ジンライガー 第1話 脚本準備稿 or Blog-Magazine)

Apparently the first chapter is called “The Wind rustles” (風そよぐ; kaze soyogu).


A young adventurer full with a wild sense of justice and courage – Weerock.
However, he does not realize the vortex of destiny that’ll swallow him yet.

Theme song by Yamagata Yukio. I hope you love rock.


You guys?! I



And she was selected to sing the ED, “Terra Amata“.

 photo amazingGIGAG_zpsesagevxp.jpg

SOURCE: GDW Website: Jinraiga

JinRai looks amazing. Looks like the Water Margin Motif is true because I see the dragon style. For some reason, I am reminded of the Chronos monsters from the Guyver series, the Zoanoids. According to the website, Jinraiga is “a robot, and not a robot”.

More in the future!


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