Doggie Advice I

I picked the dogs because I love dogs, and I seriously cry at homecoming vids

In the U.S.A, May 30th is Memorial Day. Past few days, I come home a little aggravated from work. The holiday blues I guess.

This is something that I wanted to do for a while now. I had notes in a little pad. And recently, I sent my newest letters to soldiers of the United States Army, so it reminded me.

I, or we all, suffer from lack of confidence because we structured this kind of culture where a deviation of the norm is seen as as a joke. You don’t get with the current trends, or in a gang, don’t like the same music, you’re something detestable. Something weak, something not worth the time. A loser.

Question and Answer

Now, there is a commercial breakdown. In my note pad, I have this question: How do you love your job? (and not to give up)

Because lately I’ve been a little annoyed by my job for simple, common reasons. A couple being the lack of funds and being around irritated coworkers.

I think this is a part of my answer: Start by remembering why you’re there and what you can do. It can be the pay, indeed, and you must expect more. Who appreciates you for doing the work? Despite my inner distress, I like the fact that people tell me “Thank you”. That is the start for a positive mentality. A positive mentality keeps you sharp, less exhaustive and less angry. Without anger, you’ll be less prone to show blame. Those who don’t get where they want to can sometimes act out of jealousy and may have the urges to slander. Also, a tendency to look terrible over social media.

Also, doing your job requires some sympathy. Even if self made and at home, many businesses require you to work with others.

Maybe I’ll talk about sympathy in II.


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