Sketch a Day time!

It’s been a while. Did this while typing up my RIDE ON Entry.

It’s been a while because I’ve been avoiding quick thumbnails. Sort of. I’ve been doing a ton of eyes and curls.

 photo huhrider_zpsdnjr35oc.jpg

And it went downhill after the circle for the eyes. This was probably 3-5 mins; I’ll call it “Monster Hunter experiment”. Wasn’t really going for an exact look for Ryuto (MC). Some reason, the hood turned out more draped over the head, so some of his hair isn’t shown.

Early today at work, I thought of purchasing one of the MonHun COMPLETE Books. If anything, I should lay off the cute style for a while (manga/anime), and try to do animals. I think it’s shameful.

It also doesn’t make much sense to me that I rarely try to attempt Monster Rancher art.


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