Ride on! Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON!

Game Series: Monster Hunter Stories

TV Series OFFICIAL LINK: http://www.mh-stories-rideon.jp/

Official announcement vid (restricted from overseas in official link):

【公式】モンスターハンター ストーリーズ RIDE ON 告知映像 from AnimeNachrichten on Vimeo.

I explained in my entry about what i’m watching in the future with MONSTER HUNTER STORIES: RIDE ON being one of the titles. It is set to air in October, which makes it a Fall series.

Hard to say if I’m excited or not. I want to like it. Something over 40 eps usually means we’re going down the road of a dramatic shounen (there’s even attack calls in the trailer. “SKY HIGH HAULLLLL!”). The key visual above looks great, but of course, when it comes to the animation for the monsters, it’s where it starts to fades. I personally don’t think CGI should  The backgrounds are beautiful; it if wasn’t, from the home hunter (or rider) village to the monster regions, it wouldn’t be faithful to the series.

Staff is a little concerning. The director is Hongo Mitsuru (本郷みつる), a veteran who has took part in works such as Crayon Shin Chan, IGPX, Outlaw Star, Tenkai Knights, Shamanic Princess, and most recently, Battle Spirits and WORLD TRIGGER. he also worked on Anpanman’s storyboard. Thinking of Tenkai and Battle Spirits, maybe he’ll do fine when it comes to the variety of monsters/forms? My worry learns towards the heavy criticism that Trigger, despite isn’t seemingly good synopsis, has been getting from the watchers.

The character designer is another veteran, Saito Takuya, who has done directing and character design,  has worked in MACROSS ZERO, Lamune, Sukeban Deka, SHADOW SKILL, some of OUTLAW STAR, ADVANCE OF  Z (gundam comic; char designer). He’s also listed in taking some part in KABANERI and Kuroko no Basket.

The one in charge of the screenplay or script is Takahashi Natsuko (高橋ナツコ). She prominently worked on LABYRINTH, Kotetsu Sangushi (Aka: The Steel Three Kingdom Records), remake of YATTERMAN, Lady Jewelpet, and BROTHERS CONFLICT. Most recently Sengoku BASARA Judge End and beloved MY LOVE STORY (ore monogatari).

The most interesting part is the Animation Studio: David Production, who is in charge of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series.

 photo modal_ryuto_zpswgwl8dxd.png

“Bright and curious boy with a dream: Being World’s #1 Rider.”

Main character is named Ryuto (リュート) for this series, which is, outside of its typicality, a suitable name. It means “dragon boy” as he rides a Rathatos (In Japan, Rioreusu), one of the signature monsters of Monster Hunter. C.V is Tamura Mitsumi from the above mentioned Battle Spirits. She also voiced Gunji from GYROZETTER and Ride from Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans. So, it’s a “perfect” genki (lively) boy type voice.

Other characters are Dan-senpai, the passionate, buff guy who Ryuto (MC) looks up in being a rider, Hunter Guild member Riveruto, a boy ambitious to become a rider Shuval, and Ryuto’s partner Navil (ナビルー) voiced by GOKAI YELLOW MAO! Speaking of which, with the above mentioned My Love Story, I wouldn’t mind seeing Eguchi Takuya as one of the characters. The girl with pink hair is Simonu.

More will come in the future. Hopes are mostly high, but I want to see more.


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