The title is probably not the correct lyrics, but the heat is on.

“Day-tonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Let’s go away.” Thanks Sega, damn it.

mentioned here in my last entry that I went to a fun center with my niece, and I absolutely needed to. It wasn’t just for my niece, but it was also therapeutic for me.


(Source) This is:

Triotech’s TYPHOON simulator

The TYPHOON was a two seat simulator, giving 8 options to choose from. All you had to do was sit and hold onto the sidebars.

My niece loved it more than I thought she would. It gave us some headaches at the end, but they easily went away. I was happy to see niece not distraught; she also enjoyed the go-karts, proving that she likes a little bit of thrill. Expect a ton of vibrating and jerking, but not much in vivid directional movement. My main issue was how expensive it was, taking about 12 tokens each play. Despite that, niece went on it three times. She loved it that much. She might be ready for roller coasters when the time comes.


“Hey, save the coins.”

Daytona 2 (Racing)


SOURCE: Segastore! Anniversary SDTK: LET’S GO AWAY!

Over twenty years later, and its still such an interesting game series with a kickin’ (and corny) soundtrack courtesy of Mitsuyoshi Takenobu (光吉 猛修). It definitely has some vibes of Sonic CD, which he also worked on, and Sonic R (“Blue, Blue sky!”). Purely retro; or maybe think Jet Set Radio. The theme of Daytona USA 2001’s Three Seven Speedway track, called “KING OF SPEED” could probably remind you of Sonic CD’s OP theme “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING”. You also have Mitsuyoshi to thank for “DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Another vocalist is Dennis James, who provides some of tracks such as Daytona 2’s Astro Waterfall Speedway and the ever catchy “Let’s go Away” (DAYTONNNAAAAA!) on the first Daytona game. Also, the theme for BURNING RANGERS. I have to thank Dennis as his voice provides a perfect melody describing “a high sense of speed”, forcing you to keep pressing onto the gas pedal. Isn’t it not inevitable? Isn’t that not the perfect music? Dennis gets a little too hot.

Suddenly thought of SOUL TWINS (Cyber Formula series), btu that is for another day.

Now on to the gameplay. WHELP, I am still horrible. Your stock (mostly) car, the signature being The Hornet, is a 4 speed transmission with gas and brake, but you can chose between automatic and manual (AT or MT). The game gives you directions on how to over steer and drift, but I never use it. I can’t be a racer like this! I’m not sure where the difficulty was whether the control was too tight, or I was just poor.

H2 Overdrive (Racing)

Surprisingly niece is good at it because the boats have a very loose suspension, and of course there are no pedals or transmission. Pretty much behaves like a boat.


Also from SEGA; who doesn’t love the magnetic Ferrari? Almost perfect in the cabinet set-up because it has a wide screen, a clutch pedal, and both types of gear-changing transmissions: The usual 6-speed and the wheel pedal (like Formula 1). To me, that is very special. It also has an anti-lock brake and a traction control. In addition, the game gives you rally pace notes since it’s an in-car only/1st person POV, and you can’t see the road that well.

I tried to use all three transmissions. However, my experience was terrible because niece was sitting in my lap, so I was unable to reach the brake. 😉 She was steering, and I didn’t get to use the 6 speed gearbox (MT).

Here’s a guy playing the game. He chooses the Suzuka circuit, MT (gearbox) and race.


We’re always on the capture unit.

Despite Jurassic World, JP series still has its passionate fans. And let’s be honest, you can’t get the dinosaur out of the kid. Despite what Claire and her staff says, kids don’t find dinosaurs boring.

Niece actually enjoyed this game and wasn’t bad at it. Although, the hard part was shooting the weaknesses of the dinosaurs, or pinpointing targets. I sat in the cabinet while she say on my lap and held the gun. It actually worked. Gameplay wise, it is fast paced with a lot to trigger, no pun intended, that compulsive side of shooting EVERYTHING on screen. Also, interesting gun power ups such as Freeze and Shockbolt for some better damage.


I don’t think there was anything that the the kid didn’t like. She wanted to try just about everything, but her stature and lack of strength would make things difficult of course. In retrospect, she couldn’t play the arm wrestling game, and with the exception of Jurassic Park, neither of the shooting games with a portable firearm-shaped controller. for some reason, she enjoyed watching me play ALIEN: ARMAGEDDON.

“Let’s get that T-REX next week!”
“Are you scared?”

I also played another classic: TIME CRISIS. I think this time it was the fourth installment. I wished I found Metal Slug.

If there’s one thing I learned that day is that my niece probably had gambling tendencies. She likes the ticket games. There was a particular one with a firefighter motif.

Next time, I think I’ll make notes on the game names.


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