Doggie & Mobile Suit Gundam: Ep 6 – 12

A half-century has passed since mankind megan moving its flourishing population to outer space. Gigantic colonies orbiting the Earth have become mankind’s second home where people are born, raised, and die…

Geez, it was that long ago? And I have it archived?

Anyways, I am continuing from last time, when I covered episode 1 through 5. Today it’ll be episodes 6 through 12.

We meet Garma Zabi. I respect Bright’s tenacity as a commander. He is young too (younger than me!). There are spoilers.

06: Garma Strikes (ガルマ出撃す)
This is the debut of Garma Zabi (C.V: Katsuji Mori), who seems to be a good companion of Char. We have cool air and ground battles. Amuro loses it while fighting, but he sure gave those tanks a good thrashing.

07: Core Fighter’s Escape (コアファイター脱出せよ)
To reach Satilite orbit and contact Earth Fed HS, Amuro proposes to use the Core Fighter. Since the catpault isn’t working properly, it had to be attached by a steam valve. It’s quite a launch. Hostages are taken because the elders are growing weary, wondering when they’ll set foot on earth. Was it worth it? Very stubborn. So they stay on the bridge. And one of those elder ladies had a very annoying voice.

Kai [Shiden] is such an inconsiderate dope; Sayla doesn’t sound too serious while talking to Amuro either (pretty robotic. Is she Haro? 😉 ). I know the art’s bad, but couldn’t help but be humored by the control stick animation in the core fighter.

I may be dumb, but I’ve never seen a re-entry capsule with guns in any sci-fi show. According to Garma, the Core is flexible and can change into other mobile suits.

08: The Battlefield is a Wasteland (戦場は荒野)
White Base is passing over the mountains. Cor’s mother proposes to be dropped in a town (St. Agnes) nearby the Grand Canyon cause her husband is there. Bright sends a temporary ceasefire to drop off the evacuees. We get a cute moment with Cor waving at the Zeon escorts. Kai made a hole in the escort ship to trick them. It works out, the gundam hidden under the escort ship while the Zeon are lured away. I can’t remember much else.

Kai got scared? Why?!?! After how much he’s been fighting so far (then he really grows a backbone later…)

…St. Anges is gone.

09: Fly Garrod Gundam! (翔べ! ガンダム; TOBE, GUNDAM!)
Apparently a popular episode because of a popular SCENE!

The burden of piloting the gundam is getting to Amuro, he’s overthinking things, having trouble thinking and is disliking the fighting now. Of course, Bright wasn’t going to take that since Garma was about to attack. So Amuro learns what it means to mouth off a superior officer.

“What’s wrong with me hitting you?! Maybe giving you something to complain about will make you feel better.”

“You hit me twice! Not even my own father hits me.” (二度もぶった……!親父にもぶたれた事ないのに!!)

“That’s why your soft. You can’t be a real man w/o taking a few hits.” Even after all of that, I guess the mention of Char (and the idea of beating him) is what makes him a man. Guntank, Guncannon, and Gundam using rockets fight the aerial Dopps squadron. Garma tries to lure Gundam into Gaw (ship)’s firing range but fails. A federation support ship arrives. Officer Matilda! It’s KEIKO TOOODAAAAAAA!.

10: Garma Falls
Finally hit the ten mark. Garmi Zabi seems to have an love interest in an ex-Mayor’s daughter. White Base enters a city to hide, being followed by Garma’s aerial forces. Garma is hasty in looking for them. Gundam-Amuro is sent out as a decoy and guides the forces in front of the White Base. It turns out that Char found out White Base’s hiding place (inside a dome), but allows the Zeon forces to move into firing range. Char set up Garma! Garma tries to kamikaze his Gaw shp into the base but fails. Icilina and Degwin (Ichiro Nagai), the head of Zeon and Garma’s father, mourns. Char Aznable, what are you up to?

11: Icelina, Love Remains
The Zabi Family rules Side 3, 6x30km (??) colonies furthest from the Earth beyond its moon. This is where the Principality of Zeon is; their capital is Zum City. We met Dozle (Daisuke Gouri..s.o he’s Dozle and Bask??), Char’s superior, wayyyyy back in episode 1. We also meet Kycilia (Mami Koyama) and Gihren, Zabi family members. They all mourn Garma and no time is wasted chasing down the White Base. It is attacked by Gaws, with Icelina on board on of them. We get to see the Gundam’s beam javelin.

Mirai’s head >< Oh and Bright: SOMERSAULT! In the end, Icelina tries to shoot Amuro but faints (off the Gaw, killing herself). Doh.

Next is Garma’s funeral and Ramba Ral.

12: The Threat of Zeon
“Keep the sadness and hatred alive.”

The Principality of Zeon, colonies floating beyond Earth’s Moon, is ruled by the Zabi family. Now we learn that Gihren is the eldest son. So Gihren, Degwin, Dozle, Kycilia and late Garma; Gihren, as the eldest son of course, leads the monarch and the military forces.

We have Garma’s regal-as-hell funeral through the episode. I have no idea what age he was but he was an Admiral (as the youngest); Degwin was listening to a tape recording of him (to make things look more devastating). Zabi family feels imposing, I like it. Anyways, we meet officer Ramba Ral, under Vice Admiral Dozle (and his uh…assistant, Hamon). His ship is the Zanzibar. Sounds familiar.

Geez, Amuro locked himself in a more shady looking room to work on the gundam’s computer. That doesn’t make you look cool, man. Bright is also edgy. While Ramba attacks, the White Base flies into a T-storm and Amuro loses it in the head (remembers Icelina too). Those who lived on the space colonies has never seen a t-storm, so they’ve never seen lightning, thinking it’s a “weapon”. Amuro is not himself and sortie is difficult.

Upgraded Blue ZAKU! Or so that’s what I thought at first, and so did Amuro.

“THIS IS NO ZAKU!” Ral’s an Ace and his MS’s new weapons is giving him trouble. They retreat; and there’s Gihren’s famous speech denoucing the Feds. Oooh, pretty Char. “SIEG ZEON”!

BTW, Gihren is Ginga Banjou. White Base fleet is frozen stiff, lol.

Hope I find out what’s the deal between Zeon and Char. It’s like both side wants to kill each other off.

Next, we see Amuro’s mommy!


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