Black Eyed Peas jokes for Kabaneri? Super Sentai Beybladers? Spring Anime Impressions so far (Non-Spoiler)

It’s almost June, and here’s a follow-up on my Spring Anime 2016 impressions. Avoiding spoilers.

Terraformars Revenge


(テラフォーマーズ リベンジ) Let’s start off with the first episode, and how it made everyone deeply upset. Like I said before, the character design considerably changed, which fits the tone. TF Revenge has gotten more on the lighter side with even more emphasis on the comedic-gag scenes (and there is gag in the comic, like with Hong). The first ep’s battle scene, or at least Hizamaru’s was a bit stiff, but it gets better in later eps. While the roaches still pose a problem, I think the OVA s about the first BUGS mission and the first season represents, first, the massive failure against the roaches, then assessing their abilities, and then starting a gradual pace towards winning. Therefore, that grisly consciousness (or recollection) of losing friends in a gory fashion (See OP2) is put aside for a moment; furthermore, there’s another threat. Which reminds me, I love the openings, especially the second one. It’s still bloody, it’s still action-packed, but I think the animation needs work.

Sergei and Komachi are still awesome as hell though.

Kabaneri of Iron Fortress


(甲鉄城のカバネリ) First episode only. I like the idea – it’s a macabre mix of a Muromachi Jidaigeki (historical drama), caste and all, combined with Meiji western trade having steam technology (the iron fortresses being trains) being in the center focus. Also, the main character, Ikoma, is apparently a mechanic. But, I don’t like zombies. The Kabane are incredibly smart zombie-like creatures, that still maintain some quality of their previous lives, but I’m not a zombie person. One of the top watched anime of this season, thus I reason why I decided to pick up. My plan was just to try out 5 mins, then it turned into 15 mins, and then I thought “Just watch the entire thing”.
The show kind of makes me question the quality standards/aesthetics of shows these days, or rather what makes a show’s extremely positive. Do we have a military mania? A violence mania? Something with “harsh reality”?

Not to say that I didn’t like the show, but it has the highest rating among watchers who look forward to the next episode. I like the idea. One of the catchphrases is “Die, and live” (死んでも生きろ). “Kabane (かばね or 尸 or shikabane) stands for “dead body/corpse”. As for “ri”, I am uncertain yet, but seems to be at another level. “Ri” can mean “power” from “riki” (力); Kabane can also mean “impersonate the dead”. I will find out. I don’t know when since this is not apart of my weekly watch, so it may be a “catch-up” show later in the year.

The reason for my little “catchphrase” or joke is because of Ikoma’s jackhammer-like piercing gun (ツラヌキ筒; tsuranuki pipe). Maybe it should be “push it”, “penetration”, or maybe “pump it” since it’s targeted towards the Kabane’s heart? ^.^; BTW, cool gadget: Penetration force accelerated by gunpowder (instead of steam) and it creates a shockwave. Think Big-O.

That girl’s name is really nameless! (Mumei’s Kanji is literally “no name”)

And it looks like to me that Ikoma is so smart that he has SOME SAW SHIT (AKA: Contraptions) IN HIS SHED!.

Macross Delta

It’s finally here. So, I’m up to about episode 8. Quickly, it accelerates into a war that leaves you with a ton of questions. I think these songs need to grow on me;for Macross, it’s a weird feeling to not feel up to the songs. I really enjoy the ED from Freyja! There is the concept of a musical idol group WALKURE (valkyries) fighting a terrible disease called Vars, that makes descendants of the Protoculture go berserk. Got to hand it to them, the Walkure has some interesting techniques. However, it’s a strange concept when there seems to be a significant background behind Vars, and yet you establish a singing group to produce fold waves? That’s Macross for you. Remember this! Also, the main character Hayate is a bit of a prick. It’s hard to like a guy who’s lost. Being lost makes him contradictory. He seems to lean towards enjoying Freya’s singing, being most protective of her.

You can’t make your own rules in the military, but aren’t many orthodox heroes very lucky?

There’s also the mysterious Mikumo.



It’s odd. Why do I enjoy this show, when it’s so slow? yes, I am adding a super sentai joke because the characters are color coded and even their names reference the colors closely associated with them. Again, blue is in the lead and the hot-head/action dude, while red is the cool-headed ace rival. The complete opposite of the usual.

Seven episodes in; usually these shows are over forty eps and we’re in the obligatory regional tournament saga. I’m quite sure there’ll be obligatory global tournament. So we’re gathering an understanding of the characters and their bey’s abilities (and what their bit beasts look like, whic hare based on mythical creatures). Along side of that, Aoi Valt needs to get better as a Blader. If you’re looking for inexperience and a quick temper having a trump over others because of luck then this isn’t your show. I think the characters are….

Wait for it. COLORFUL! It might be the key, each blader being different.

Ace Attorney

逆転裁判 〜その「真実」、異議あり!〜

Gyakuten Saiban sono shinjitsu IGIARI! Shame on me huh? Poor OP and ED, but it remains a top weekly watched show somehow along with Yokai Watch and Maruko. I only watched two episodes because I want to continue the games. I can’t say that I was that excited about it. The in-trial segments are a bit interesting, and you actually hear some of the CAPCOM based sound effects and themes from the games.

Sailor MOON CRYSTAL: Deathbusters Arc

My rather heated emotions about Neptune and Uranus were released here. As for the series itself, I think the impact (bias?) of the classic series shows. The transformations of the senshi are akin to the originals, and the attacks are well-developed, unlike the comic.

I’ll just copy and paste something as an answer to someone who was called a “stuck up fan of the classic”:

“I think a lot of us are stuck up and spoiled about the “original” (myself?), which considerably deviated from the manga. Why are we all here? To watch Moon Crystal! Because we are long time fans who has been waiting for this revival. It’s been said before that Takeuchi found her storytelling crap, and I think, after watching the 90s series, the manga-adapting Crystal kind of suffers from being a reliable predecessor. Being reminded of the manga, you just need to remember how romantic/beautiful it is, and also remember Takeuchi’s honesty. At least I do.”

With that said, I am satisfied with Season 3. I still enjoy the melodic music, and it fits perfectly with the romance. And OMG, HORIE MITSUKO singing the opening. Love her to bits.

Which reminds me, I remembered again last week at how AMAZING! AMAZING the soundtrack of 90s series was. I can listen to the themes of final attack (hissatsu), transformation  and intros, eyecatches and episode intros, alone. Moon Spiral Heart attack is still one of my favorites.


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