Sketch a Day: Kids

I have a lot to blog about…

but I’ll start with a couple of photos.

 photo nieceSTAT_zpsfih8joly.jpg

One of my little niece’s works. Because she’s been watching me draw, I made a monster. All a part of the inevitable structure of growing up. For some reason she calls it “BINKY“. Looks like something from Nintendo or from Care Bears.

Speaking of which, the little one just had her last week of school, and I gave this to her class for next year:

 photo pikam_zps4xwtpyor.jpg

Because why not? It was a gift. Pikachu has gotten popular in the west. he is the face of cute mascots, of main characters, and of courage. It was a very casual drawing. I’ve done it in haste, keeping in mind that it’s “something for kids to look at”. It was late at night, and I had to wake up to take neicey to school.

Wish he could look better. I was looking for a brave impression for this Pikachu.

That was my whole week: Kids and cleaning. However, I went to a fun center and that’s when I realized that I needed to have some fun. Really needed it.


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