Farewell Chronicle, Farewell Volunteer Army #チェインクロニクル #チェンクロ

A non-spoiler article.

What was the secret of the book? The Black Troops? Where were the Volunteer Army  (義勇軍) going to reach? Why must global service leave us, and yet Japan faces a new era in the game; furthermore, a new animated work is on its way (video above). Such questions will remain with me.

CHAIN CHRONICLE is like the abrupt death of a beloved author that just entered into the spotlight.

Honestly, I thought it was an interesting game. Colorful, thoughtful characters formed by the collaboration of many artists and voice overs (well, kind of) combined, each having their own stories. Much like Brave Frontier, and the company is the same, Gumi, there is an expansive story and a ton of characters needed to be summoned and explored. Why take that away? Yeah, and Maplestory continues and I can’t play it anymore.

Gameplay (-)

It gets a minus.

It got extremely hard quickly, and I could consider the gameplay a bit of downpoint. If you didn’t summon particular characters, you may be in big trouble. Even 4 or 5 star characters, which are rares, could considerably struggle once the enemy level went 25 and over. Or maybe it was 30 and over. Also, it is repetitive, but what JRPG isn’t when its a real time action game? GUMI’s Brave Frontier is “Tap-and-turn” but slightly reduces the frustration when all you have to do is tap on the screen to attack. Chain Chronicle is more real time. That’s just me: I don’t like quickly using my fingers and swiping on the screen to engage an action. I’d prefer to only do such quick, action games on console and arcade.

Character/Summoning (+!)

 photo teamishida_zpsnvecgvvi.jpg

BEST! Translation stupidity aside, the characters kept me going. Also, various voice actors are assigned to each character, most of them having more than three or five. One of my favorites C.V, Akira Ishida (石田 彰), voiced over forty characters (see above photo), including the main character. That also includes the animated shorts and the upcoming one; furthermore, the narration of the trailers.


Unfortunately, I was unable to produce much photos from my own gameplay, not expecting to blog about it, nor expecting it to cancel service. I don’t agree with writing without experiencing myself. That’s top priority to me. However, I added a new Chain Chronicle tag, so I will be talking about it more such as the characters, their backgrounds, and the story of the Black Troops.

 photo bestofNIK_2_zpsc6e2inpj.png

Easily one the funniest characters. The devoted engineer Nikolas! Well, maybe “devoted” is a big understatement. Incredibly arrogant and one of the finest guys to debut the ranged weapon (archers) characters in Global. The gunner units can shoot more than once.

Sound (N)

“N” for neutral. It is Gumi, which can have a variety of themes, but I don’t think that was the case here. I could be wrong because I usually have my sound off; Brave Frontier had many songs for each segment of the game, such as quest stages, bosses, and Raid.

I often hear the theme “BATTLE FOR JUSTICE” as a standard for the fighting rounds. Occasionally it changes, or maybe I should say “remixes”. Nothing terrible, but it’s repetitive. There’s always a “enemy approaches” theme, a “sad theme” and a “in town” theme. As for the voice actors, there only say a couple of things per character, one being for when you do their special attack, the other for when you summon them. conserves time when there’s many characters to voice.

Graphics/Art (+)

I’m leaning towards a positive. Again, from toi8 to Wada Aruko (ワダアルコ), a variety of artists contributed their skills to the illustrations of the characters. Each card gives the name of the artist and the C.V (character voice), and I think it all should be recognized. It’s interesting to recognize the styles between them all, but it all looks like they’re from digital programs. As for during gameplay, the characters share the same template, pixilated to a small digital form for walking and attack motions. I’m not tech-term savvy so I might have to get into this later.

With the exception of the main characters, such as Fiona and Pipika, majority of character illustrations do not change in their expressions. If there’s some kind of action going on, such as a battle scene, the illustrations are restricted to just bouncing or sliding across your screen.

Story/Narrative (N)

I think a story is always good and/or interesting, even if cliche. You are a silent protagonist commanding The Volunteer Army, which is gathered to protect the world from evil – the Black troops. The story is revolved around the Troops and the secret behind Fiona’s book, the Chronicle.

And honestly, all of the characters that join the Army may teach a thing or two about how to approach your lifestyle.


OK, maybe this is not a FAREWELL. A chronicle is something passed through the ages because of the various stories told. Let’s say that I can do the same. So now, I’ll do a new feature – CC-related entries on the characters, story, artists (and websites/other works if they have any), etc.

More Chain Chronicle one day. I am always open to suggestions.


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