Brave Frontier Divine Luck – My new “Son” #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier

ID: 4766778298 ( #BF_Doggie , #BF DoggieWing )

Weekly “Stay-at-home Aunt” time.

Like I said the last time, I caved in and brought my first summon ticket bundle. As a result, I’ve gained some new characters from the new Divine batch. Now i have so many characters, I forgot the ones that I want to spend more time on such as Drevas and Sirius. I also got a couple of Vocaloids, and my free unit for staying active for 30 days during the Omni phases.

I also want to work on Miku because her brave burst/super brave bursts is a multi-hitter. next time is going to be new guardians. Gumi does not quit.

Since I’m busy, I’ll just go little by little. Children likes to demand fun. At any rate, I’d like to talk about school and “watching children”.

To start off, here is my new “son”:

 photo julius_zpsdw3ylbog.png

Typical hero look. A sky pirate or a member of super sentai. In fact, he is a sky pirate.

Let’s call him Gokai Gold or Kyoryu Yellow.

I need to watch falling for the cute guy, although there are many cuties who are powerful such as Sirius and Quaid. This is Twin Bolt God JULIUS, my free unit (japanese: 双雷神ジリアス; twin bolt god julius). Since there appearance of the Merith guardians, Sirius and other new units, even before that, I rarely saw this guy in the lead. Either he was a hard catch or he wasn’t an interesting, or strong enough, to put in lead. Paralysis (immobility) and Injury (decreases attack/breaks it in half) is a very effective skill, especially for strong bosses on grand quests. While I have Rickel, the probability of the stats effect working on an enemy varies among units. Not to mention, Julius has a 7 Star.

5 Star Julius’s leader skill increases all parameters; BB (brave Burst) “Flash Tactics” attacks with thunder, increases attack, and causes injury and paralysis. How well will he do?


 photo DarkZEAL_zpssb8ouuwv.png

One member of the Divine Ten Batch. This is ZEAL, the disciple of Divine Ten Kulyuk. The clandestine type if it didn’t look so obvious. Leader Skill (LS) increases attack and HP for all units. BB can attack, increase BC (battle crystal) efficiency, and spark damage increases BB gauge (liek Deemo). So that’s very effective for BB pumping. This is only 5 Star.

 photo merman_zpsjrpwlcf2.png

Averus. Her profile mentioned that she was trapped by one of the disciples of Zevaluhua, who is apparently one of the Divine Ten. There is probably some kind of lore that I have forgotten; Zeval is one of the Four Fallen Gods. So is the disciple most likely Mare? Her leader skill increases defense and HP + aids a stat ailment counter. BB attacks, adds stats ailment counter and a HP recovery effect when you attack, and half damage reduction. Great supportive abilities for a 5 Star. It can only get better, no?

 photo mecha_zpsmd4okny6.png
The mecha, or automation, serving Kulyuk: My gundam REDDRAG. One of the disciples like him. Redrag doesn’t seem much now for a 5 Star, but he looks potentially good for a support unit. Leader Skill (LS) is like Zeal’s: increases attack and HP for all units. BB negates and removes ailments, including stat reduction. Will just have to see how he grows.


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