Sketch a Day + Beyblade Burst


Today’s sketch a day is something I did yesterday after I watched the fourth ep of BEYBLADE BURST.

Midorikawa Kensuke. “Notice me SHU SENPAI!” I think this was about 3-5 mins? Mistakes are obvious.

Four eps in, and I just don’t get it. It’s cute. Also, the narrator is the narrator for Jetman and Ninninger. Maybe that’s it?  There is a tokusatsu attribute: So far, I enjoy the characters and their different styles. The story is very straight; it should get intense later as beyblade series likes to add some violent or dark element into it, like with evil organizations and dark beasts.

The main character is a complete doofus and a newbie who loves a sport. He loves beyblade so much that he screams “RUSH SHOOT” in his sleep.

We also have the obligatory cool rival. There is always a “red vs blue”; the red guy is usually the main character, but this time, the rival was “red and cool” and the main was “blue and hot”. Like in previous beyblade shows/comics, there is the meeting of other rivals. Ep 2 and 3 focused on Kensuke (above), and there is the upcoming “obligatory dark dude” Daiya.

Also, there are many color references in the characters’ names. For example, there is the main character Aoi Valt. Aoi means blue, and his hair, clothes, and beyblade are said color. The rival Kurenai Shu has red eyes and beyblade; Kurenai means crimson. Kiyama Rantaro has blonde hair and yellow beyblade; the “ki” in Kiyama means “yellow”. Kurokami Daina, “the dark kid” is black all over. He’s close to being a Mini Hiei from YuYu Hakusho with his standing black hair and beyblade; Kurogami means black god and represents his beyblade Deathscyther. The blonde-haired kid with the purple clothes was not named yet, but that’s Komurasaki (C.V Kobayashi Yuu!); Murasaki means purple.



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