Honest Review with many questions


15 years. That’s how long I’ve been on FF.net. Never would’ve imagined getting some kind of deal. I was going to wait until after I did an experiment, but it’ll take too long. Also, I have too many blog drafts.

A reimbursement is good for when you’re injured on the job, but there is always the question as to whether it was on purpose or was it the fault of the employee. Fault out of carelessness. We can’t determine cancer, flu, tuberculosis, a car accident, and the deterioration of the body is inevitable as we age. Neither can we determine homelessness.

Can we really socially support one another to a full extent? Is fixed income really that useful?

Why do I ask all of a sudden? I’ve always been curious, maybe more so now in light of this Depression and current U.S Presidential Election.

So, according to the source above Otaku Mode, a NARUTO fanfic “One Hour at a Time” gets produced as a drama CD out of tens of thousands of NARUTO fanfic.

Someone had stated that the author was ill. At one point, I wondered if it was a factor, a CD from a cliche spur of pity, but then I stopped myself. I can’t prove that this was a factor in the adaptation choice so I am glad. Because I am currently very upset for different reason, one being related to “credibility from bullshit” (and I’m talking about reveling in spreading drama and using “victimization”), and anyone getting a star spotlight or recognition for illness or the like just irks me. That reason is a personal story and its how it is. Until something is done about my personal issues, this prejudice will occasionally provoke me.

So the good news is that I won’t rant about how stupid that would’ve been, and I won’t end up looking like a huge jerk. Maybe “author being ill” was just something that was only mentioned; I did not care for it, nor would it change my opinion on the story.

British Author Charles A Riley stated that the disability culture is left out in a long-time popular reputation of “redemption”. A glow of recognition. Thus, it causes a separation as we emphasis too much on the “sickness” or the disability. That’s just the nutshell version.


Disability: (a.) A condition (such as an illness or an injury) that damages or limits a person’s physical or mental abilities. (b.) the condition of being unable to do things in the normal way : the condition of being disabled

Handicap: (a.) a race or contest in which an artificial advantage is given or disadvantage imposed on a contestant to equalize chances of winning. (b.) an advantage given or disadvantage imposed usually in the form of points, strokes, weight to be carried, or distance from the target or goal

Got that out of the way.

SO, how is any of this related to the CD?  Seeing this, it really really questions the quality of fanfiction and fanfiction.net. I really don’t get it and that’s it. It deserves a CD?  So I read it and made a review last month. Thus, this entry. I was going to talk about a fic where I saw someone writing about an autistic person but I’ll leave it for another entry.

I was also going to state that there was no “professional base” from Hour’s author, but that is not a factor. Other online works that received official adaptations are Sword Art Online (Kawahara Rei), GATE (Yanai Takumi) and Hataraku Maou-sama (Wagahara Satoshi), someone from Japan showed me Hataraku because she enjoyed it. Fifty Shades was also a fanfic. Good, no complaints there while there’s evidence.


I demand that “Heroic Flute” receives attention.

To avoid a teeny weeny spoiler, just going to cut my review:

From one of the most popular fandoms selected with original content (we’re talking over 380,000 fics of NARUTO), and from everyone’s favorite visiting cesspool of…everything literature [Fanfiction.net], how did this one work get picked out? Kind of annoys me.

No I’m not asking that it should be me because my stuff isn’t done. Again, I never would’ve guessed it. If I wanted to be a novelist, I would have to work towards it passionately. I don’t have much time to do a publishing submission at the moment.

Is Fanfiction.net that crappy?

We’ll start with the names “Haru” and “Aki” for the CD. They’re not present in the fanfic, but describes Naruto and Sasuke pretty well. Instead, Naruto (Spring) is called “Life” through most of the fic; again, it fits “Haru” (spring).

A good pro to this story is that, hallelujah, you find a story with good spelling and good grammar at parts.

Now what the heck is with the formatting? Actually it’s very informal writing, which is not always bad. My blog is very informal; I use bold for emphasis and brackets for additional thoughts.

However, maybe thanks to the informal writing, I almost couldn’t get through the first part. I really thought I was looking at someone jotting down poetry in a notebook, or maybe notes from a post-by-post RPG, and left it incomplete, instead of a dramatic narrative. It’s difficult to perceive where you are, and it’s randomly stupid. Sometimes, you don’t know who is speaking. Even at the start, you’re expecting that you’re about to enter a dirty situation (but hey, that’s Sakura for you).

In fact, it first looked like Sasuke x Sakura. But you do learn that Sas works (and has a green car Anime smallmouthWink). Sasuke is indeed the main character, and Naruto is an assistant. Also, the cool guy Sas and active loud mouth Naru chemistry is still intact. Another good pro, and hard to come around in the fic world.

It looks like a slice of life. Probably the cutest part of the fic is the convo about hunting treasures and pirates. As for the “yaoi-ish” part, it depends on how you see the dialogue and spoiler [of them holding hands and calling each other].

If the format was cleared up, and not look like a Tomino show – all over the place and near incomprehensible, then I think I’d like it.

Check out the CD and maybe the fanfic.

Another con are these ridiculous reviews that are not reviews or just flat-out unbelievable. “Greatest thing” ever huh?