Everyone improves. New Level 7s #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier

Continuing from my last entry about my new summons, I will show Level 7 Shuda and Zephyr.

 photo zephr_zpswdzipdx2.png

 photo shura_zpslknmzwo0.png

These two are absolutely cool looking. Zephyr looks like he has a different shade of hair color? No matter what, he definitely looks like a dark swordsmaster now.

Phantom Victor Zephyr and Omega Demise Shuda has definitely gained some improvement.

I kept Zephyr long due to have a good Def-ignoring attack, but his stats were low albeit virtually balanced. He has changed considerably. His Extra Skill (ES) gives BB/SBB def-ignoring attribute; normal hit is raised too, suiting the evil blades floating behind him. SSB increases OD (overdrive) gauge and stats. BB increases OD and dark elemental damage. His UBB is similar to SBB, but it also creates a dark barrier and raises normal hit.

My interest in Shuda lasted for some time. I liked the idea that his SBB gave you an all-element buff attribute, and his leader skill increased parameters. At 7 Star, He can still do all of these things plus the BB and stats. Also, he is a go-getter if you want a unit that has many attack hits (for spark or quests where you need to gather spark/ BC/HC). Shura becomes a true demon where his Extra Skill is an ailment counter (yes!) and boosts OD. His UBB reduces enemy damage, all elemental attribute to attack, 44 hit dark attack, and increases elemental damage.


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