Everyone improves. BF Catches! + BF LORE #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier


  • BC/HC: Battle Crystals and Heart Crystals.
  • ATK, DEF, REC: Attack, defense, and recovery (Unit stats)
  • BB/SBB: Brave burst, super brave burst
  • OD: Overdrive
  • HP: Hit point (but you knew that right?)
  • Spark: When attacks hit at the same time, they produce “sparks” chains, which do extra damage.


ID: 4766778298 ( #BF_Doggie , #BF DoggieWing )


In Brave Frontier Global, it wasn’t long since the release of the Onmi evolutions (or sometimes called “8 Star”, but looks like the ultimate!). Afterward, other characters received their 7 stars such as Zephyr of the Twelve Guardians; earlier in the year, the story characters got 7 Stars, which I am severely fighting for. There is potential in everyone, and I can’t wait

I also caved in and bought my first summon ticket bundle because I really want to see new characters. Since I am stingy, I want to preserve them for a while.

Spoilers for OMNIs and some more summons!

Omni/”8 Star”

 photo unnamed_zpsa5gjec86.png photo ALTROSUPA_zpsc2ib2ybm.png
The only ones announced with Omni mode are the traditional Six Heroes: Fire Vargas, Light Alto, Water Selena, Dark Margress, Thunder Eze, Earth Lance). There are others among the newly released characters but I have yet to achieve them. I have Eze too, but I didn’t make a snapshot.

They are beautiful and incredibly strong I’d say. I didn’t think that they could look more interesting as they already reached God stats at 6 star, or so they say. “I’ve reached the pwoer to battle the Gods”. But then, level 7 came, their art changed significantly. I mean, Eze gained humongous muscles, and then Omni Eze becomes the Chief of all Vikings and Odin’s tribes.

There is also a new system: Enhancements, which you require when you level up your character and his/her BB/SSB to maximum.

 photo ENHAN_zpsf2ity5ry.jpg

You share your points, starting off with 10, among different abilities to strength your character. To increase your points, you use fusion just like with brave bursts. Since I want to increase my points more, I haven’t toyed with the enhancements just yet.

Time for my new Catches

 photo sodos_zpstb9bzfhk.png
No. 455 Sodis, the leader of the 12 Guardians. After he betrayed the group to follow the Gods, everything became ridiculous, leading to the question of which alliance to follow, and some deaths as well. I also have his brother, Alyut. I don’t have any opinion on Sodis yet.

The story about the 12 Guardians is told is an online comic, “original work”, called “Grand Gaia Senki” on Ganma. Looks awesome, its graphic, and I like the atmosphere. It especially brings out of the emotion of Farlon’s wrongdoings. Signas seems to have a central role too.

 photo SIRUSMYGOD_zpsolimzlpr.png

A character of high demand, I was so shocked to summon SIRIUS and Allanon (below) side by side on the same day. I haven’t built him up too much yet, so nothing to say. Sirius is a Prince of Barirua and he looks the part: Noble looking, strong and beautiful, as Barirua is one of the later regions in Grand Gaia. I only have 5 star, but leader skill is 30% ATK and HP boost, and BB makes Sparks boost BB gauge and boosts BB atk. It can only get better. BB ATK is very effective.

 photo allon_zpsncbagaaz.png
This is Allanon, who seems to have a lot of potential, and has his own jokes due to being an obsessive researcher. Did it reach to a point where he can enjoy dance songs from the 90s? His leader abilities negates elemental damage from enemy, increases parameters, and increases your party’s elemental damage. You’ll have to pe careful with which BB to use. His BB boosts BB and reduces elemental damage, while his Super BB attacks, adds all elements, and heals.


 photo bladebox_zpse8k0aalj.png

Reihard has a lot of support abilities such as defending and removing against ailments, and defending against stat reduction with his BB. His leader skill increases parameters. Good potential.

 photo DREVAS_zpsy7dywwqo.jpg

If I recall, this is the name of Lance’s spear, Drevas. But, it is a demon? I’ve seen 7 Star Drevas a few times, gaining plenty of support abilities. I’d say its a fundamental to earth types such as stat increase and healing. Drevas at 5 star has a BB that reduces water and thunder damage, negates stats ailments, and makes random status ailemtn counter (personally love the counters).

 photo newhoney_zpsicaz7bts.png

One of the new pool I believe. This is Berdette. Like Sirius, her leader skill increases ATK and HP. Her BB raises normal hits, boots DEF, and reduces ATK and DEF of enemy. Screams “sorceress” I’d say. Plenty of potential. Let’s see where she goes.

I also gained Fang (Earth), the partner of Fei (water).


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