Doggie Sketch a Day (Experiment)

Yesterday, I became miserable quickly due to my niece. I also have a last piece of homework that I need to turn in, but I am not confident in it. Again, I have to turn in something satisfactory, and again I will harbor a feeling that I could do better, or rather, I just have little time for myself to improve.

For today’s “SaD” are a couple of coloring experiments.


Then, to further experiment, an apple with colored pencils:


My niece put in that scribble…

Of course, composition needs work. I should be more careful with it before the coloring starts. However, I rushed with just working with the coloring.

Will name this “Apple coloring test“.

When I first started with pastels, I worked with only a single demonstration. However, you can only get better as you go along, but I disliked the idea on working something for an hour or two if I’m constantly distracted. I wanted to get better and I need to analyze more still life. Furthermore, did I completely understand the demonstration? I don’t think the apple itself took me 15 mins. It may have been more. Not too bad…I just need to work on it more.

Oil Pastels’s strong point is blending colors together; a weak point is that you’ll inevitably get dirty. All in all, you will have fun.

I often use colored pencils, but it’s not something I was instructed in. It is a pencil, and has the basic techniques of a pencil such as dotting and hatching, but I never tried to blend them. Thus, the experiment with the apple. This was started on a day after the pastel apple, and I may have stopped prematurely.

I think most artists draw with prismacolor CP. As a conclusion, it should come down to the shading, the blending of colors, the type of paper, and most of all, looking at the life itself. I also don’t have a highlighter.

Also, filling in the spots or burnishing.


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