What is next, or so I hope?

How to be a good college student/what happened? + “How to enjoy your job?
“Doggie Wisdom?” Also, what does a degree mean?

Farewell Chain Chronicle
Long time coming. A beloved mobile JRPG gets the global boot. Unfortunately, I don’t have much photos to share.

NinNinger finish
This said “Tokkyuger” earlier but I mant to say “NinNinger”, which was put on negative

Gundam IBO (S1)

More on this series.

Honest Literature ramble: One Hour at a Time

Probably another case of one doesn’t get attention unless doing something foolish, or unless one is ailing in life, which is a common case on Fanfiction. I am also reminded of an article of how we put the “discriminatory” (I think? or was it handicap?) in a heroic light. Furthermore, how people write autistic characters.

Promoting Thunder Future
The work of GARROW and the legacy of STG needs to be exposed.

Literature ramble: Dawn of End/Greek Myth

Why do I like Monster Rancher?
OH! I can’t wait to get started!


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