I felt defeated + Sketch a Day #sailormoon #sailormooncrystal

This is another long entry that I started in January (or start of Feb). I also wanted to wait until my last assignment was done, and the broadcast of a particular show. I’m glad that I did. The Sketch of the Day choice is this lady, withheld until I did this entry. Of course, the first time is never great. It’ll just have to improve later.

It’s nice to know that I’m not a zombie. I see fans show earnest anticipation for an upcoming video game, a movie adaptation of another work, and more.  I rarely feel that emotion, at least not strongly to the point of tears.

Jan 27 and Jan 28 is probably when I understood how I really felt about Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

Why did I feel defeated? It started with sympathy, then it was selfishness, then ended with an appreciation.


A northern buddy (AKA: Canada) sent them to me as gifts.

Voice cast change for Sailor Moon has been a long talk. After the two seasons of SM Crystal (newest animation adaptation of Sailor Moon comic) has ended, world held their breaths in waiting for the remaining Sailor soldiers to appear, particularly the two who are a well-known couple. They have also set the bar for lesbian couples in comics and animation.

With the exception of Kotono Mitsuishi reprising her role as the main, Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi herself, every other character was replaced with a different actor. Every-single-one. For Neptune and Uranus, I accepted that there was going to be a change and prepared myself.

I was satisfied with the choices of Minagawa Junko and Ohara Sayaka, knowing them enough, but still a part of me was upset.

I think Tweets were affecting me. They often do, and I’m easily moved to tears seeing the thoughts of others. For example, the death of a notable person. Ogata Megumi and Katsuki Masako, the voice actors who voiced Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune respectfully in the previous series back in the 1990s, are two ladies who are really admire, particularly the latter. Their performances, and their history alone in performing, were more than memorable.

In fact, even fans inveighed on Twitter that if they did not return to SM, they would not watch the series. Heck, the world inveighed the poor quality of Sailor Moon Crystal. Distorted art, linear storyline of love conquering darkness, etc. I was able to tolerate it however, being familiar with its comic content. The impression of the 90s era was deeply rooted within many of us that we have trouble perceiving the comic storyline that Crystal is adapted from. The lackies of the main antagonists, such as the Four Generals and the Witches, go from characters of substance to one-shot experiments against the soldiers. Even the comic creator, Takeuchi Naoko, has mentioned that she found the story a bunch of crap. It kind of dawns of me a lot more as I watch Crystal. It is very straight-forward, but makes up for it in being mushy.

Moving on….

So, I accepted the change calmly, and there were those who were angry. I sympathized with those who were angry. “It can’t be helped,” I thought. At the time of the new cast announcements, there was a sample of Minagawa and Ohara voicing the characters. I was happy, but at the same time, I was hit with another emotion.

“CRAP! They are going to be replaced.” Then, I became angry. The audio quality was a bit bad, but it’s like I heard a copycat. To make things more irritating, Ohara and Minagawa were chosen to do a duet for the ending theme called “Eternally Eternal”. When it was released, I thought it was good — better than OP in any case (too much distracting fanservice in the animation though 😉 )

But I still had an anger.

I felt like they, Ogata and Katsuki, weren’t going to be relevant in this current generation. I was surprised that even Ogata, due to her veteran status, got a main leading role such as in Danganronpa game series. “Oh, Naegi?! Really?” You can also include Kaoru from Mystereet. She has continued to have a character acting and singing career. Furthermore, the EVA series continues to be a pain in the ass be ingrained in Japan’s culture. Katsuki, voice of Neptune, from narration to dubbing, is still active in all kinds of genre as she has always been. She loves auditions and I still think she has a lot to give. I will also point out that these two are some magnificent sex appeal.

I had thought at one point, “Why do I bother supporting? Being so devoted? If they won’t be considerably realized?” There is too much that I could share.

A day after the cast announcements, I cried, because Ogata said thank you and that the impression of Uranus was still fresh.


Here’s a cute version: Living Together (共に生きる; Japanese). And a condensed version of her tweets (English). What she does mention is that “This Uranus [from the comic] is different. Please enjoy such a difference of old and new animation.”


“I am Uranus of 90s anime. That one part I bear, til this day, it still lives.”

Katsuki does not have such a passionate message, but I found that kind of humorous. Maybe she has come to terms with it (or maybe she wasn’t harassed about it); in other times, there are many things that she has said that are endearing.

I also thought that if they took up their roles, would they be criticized for playing a “slightly different” couple? Furthermore, would their voice qualities be different? Inevitably different? I can’t tell at all if a boy voice of Ogata has changed, or if the contralto within Katsuki’s voice will deeply affect the performance in such an elegant girl. Kotono Mitsuishi received the brunt of fan anger for not sounding like “she’s 25”, and it made me upset. No matter what, I am still pulled into their performances today. I would not allow such scorching comments towards them.

April Broadcast

Then now, I watched the new season of Sailor Moon Crystal; episode 27 marked the start of Seaason 3, the Death Busters chapter. It felt different. Indeed, the nuances of Minagawa and Ohara’s voices, while reliable, are different from Ogata and Katsuki. Not to mention, the sex appeal is somewhat reduced.

I was so relieved! TO be honest, I’m offended when people say that they’re “sound the same” Absolutely not.



I will just think in secret that Katsuki and Ogata were not chosen because they’re too darn sexy and would receive written complaints.

Hey, I’m kidding. Season 3 looks good so far! The darkness will really increase.

Sorry for being a slowpoke.




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