Sketch a Day + MARIO 3 Adventures!

I did a couple sketches last week, but I am saving one for a particular entry. Not sure if I’ll finish it tonight.

 photo KohgaUpds_zpsfthe5riq.jpg

I also did this last week, thinking “Imagine this from a story [a scene]”. Started off as practice, but then I pressed on it some more today, trying to give it detail since there’s so much potential. I’ll just title it “S.O.END Panic“. It looks pretty cool now, but trying to figure out if I want to color it. THAT’S when I mess up.


Many years ago, I owned an NES/Famicom and Mario 3. Considerably hard; for youtube, I decided to pick up MARIO 3 again on a EMU to see if I can truly beat it on my own, and SAVE THE PRINCESS. Also, just recently, I beat Legend of Zelda: The Link to the Past.

I’d say that Mario 3 is a fundamental 2-D platform to try out. Fun stages and items, challenges of flexible range, easy visuals, and somehow addicting. It’s Mario after all.

This video series has my commentary in it. As of today, I’ve reached WORLD 8. Big time trouble.


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