Doggie Week + #BraveFrontier

With my previous entry out of the way, I’m back to the short ones.

It’s interesting how a little private time can change things. I was suppose to do a project for the last three weeks (might’ve been four but I became sick) and I’ve been so distracted. The most constructive that I’ve ever been was when I studied at the campus and, after a very long time, stayed up hours past midnight just to read and think. For the latter, you’re probably thinking, “I DO THAT ALL THE TIME!” Not me. I often work early. On the same day, I thought of a draft to work on.

However, it was only until last weekend that I had figured out a topic; before that, I was blanking bad. I might even share it here. I only have a few days to get it done and the organizing of the research is giving me pressure. Before that, I approached the . Bad comprehension or I just didn’t fully absorbed my readings.

But since it was something that I thought was really important, isn’t composing it easy?

Also, Brave Frontier. I am in a quest to achieve the crystals for 7 Star Lugina, Karl and Seria. My Gradens hasn’t evolved yet to 6 Stars and I don’t have Paris yet. And I have to say, the ex battles in Ishgria nearly gave my heart attacks. I’m honestly surprised that I managed to get through a couple of them. For battle 2 and 3, I recommend a friend’s 7 star Avani and Zenia.

The things that you have to go through for power. That is an element in JRPG.




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