Iron Blooded Orphans Part 1 #G_Tekketsu

“The food of life is the battlefield.”


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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (機動戦士ガンダム 鉄血のオルフェンズ), or Tekketsu no Orphans, its first half has ended in March, and was probably the most bittersweet gundam by far. It was, much like its predecessors, was heavily riddled with warring political parties. If anything, Gundam often often has to do with finding independence and the over exaggeration to employ war when one tries to move against another’s authority. Mobile Suit Unicorn is probably the most silliest example of “exaggerating”. There’s also our obligatory masked man.

I think I’ll go for mild to no spoilers when talking about impressions. S1 covers the mission to escort Kudelia to her destination.

Also, random question I saw sometime ago: Is Gundam “Japan’s Star Wars?”

My answer: That would be Gundam F91.

Let’s go! Sorry, I have to split it because I am a slowpoke. But that means more gundam entries. 😉

NOTE: C.V = character voice (or the actor voicing the character).

ZA WARUDO! (The World)


After the world scale Calamity War (厄祭戦; yakusaisen), which happened about 300 years ago, there’s a reconstruction of government and territory, and the new era is called P.D or “Post Disaster”. The show’s setting takes place, or at least starts on Mars where Kudelia Aina Bernstein hires the CGS (Chryse Guard Security) to transport her safely to earth. Kudelia supported Mars’s independence. However, figures in Gjallarhorn wants Aina covertly killed to besmirch the independence movement.

I felt a bit of shock when I saw kids being killed without remorse, and to me it established the theme of the entire show. It got into a little bit of trouble in Japan, receiving complaints about “being too violent”.



I’d say Kudelia definitely had some character development. Its been her worry about finding a way to “fight”. Watching the actions of Tekkadan, she grew to understand her importance, her purpose, or maybe its remembering? Mars and other parts of space has been in a state of difficulty, and while CGS/Tekkadan were the blood, she was the flower.


I thought Gundam 00 reflected much of present times’s setting and politics, with the middle eastern terrorism, Ali Al Saachez, but this time there’s the Union willing to riot against the colony due to horrible work regulations.


The primary antagonists of this series is this earth force. While Zeon fought for independence and disdained Earth Federation’s monopoly of earth and colony, even through forceful means, Gjallahorn is pretty much your Feddies. peace and order, peace and order. Gjallahorn is an actual horn from Norse myth, belonging to Heimdallr, who is said to have keen eyesight (source: Norse Therefore, a sharp sense. You can expect that with high military power and nobility comes with plenty of arrogance and corruption.


Tekkadan or “Steel Flowers Group” (鉄華団) is led by Orga completely, discarding the old leadership Marba and the bad reputation of the Cryse Guard. A cool name, even though Eugene didn’t like the idea of not asking others their opinion. “How about ‘justice’?!” I’d say they both work. The name fits the strong brotherly bond that spreads through this show.

In all honestly, I wouldn’t mind one of their jackets.


Biscuit Griffon

Virtually everyone’s favorite chubby kid, in part thanks to C.V Natsuki Hanae being cute, but most of all, the mild-mannered brotherly personality. If Mika is leader Orga’s gun, then Biscuit’s the brain. He remains the support, and gets development that I think really shows how close to a real person he is, especially a youth. You could say “mental conflict”, which also effects Kudelia.


Human Debris and Akihiro Altland

I often forget Akihiro’s last name. A troublesome position that I also think depicts how dismal  Mars and space’s situation is. This show, and how life can be disregarded, and how Kudelia wants to change cruelty and poverty. The Human Debris are boys traded through human trafficing, and they are used to perform suicidal or dangerous work. Basically, their bodies are tools, possessions. CGS also hired Human Debris with Akihiro being leader. He turns out to be likable.


Ein Dalton

GJALLAHORN. I had my eyes on him easily for being handsome, but it turns out he has development thanks to his desire to make up for losses. Actually, what makes his stick out is his simple-mindedness? Being kind, he sets up for what Gjallahorn really is.  And  C.V Uchida Yuuma was in the previous series Build Fighters Try as…you guess it, Yuuma.


Gaelio Baudin

GJALLAHORN. For some reason, I kept calling him “Gallieo”. Without giving out spoilers, he’s pretty much your “best friend” of McGillis and straightforward sense of duty. He also gets attached to Ein. I might have to discuss him more later.


Carta Issue

GJALLAHORN. I wonder if she was there for comic relief because she reminded me of ZZ’s Mashmyre. Radical and full of pride. She’s the commander of “Outer Earth Transmission Control Union Squad” (DAISUKI: “Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet), something along those lines, and you’ll remembered it well.
“Ware wa chikyuu gaien kido togo kuntai” (地球外 縁軌道 統制統合 艦隊)

C.V is veteran Inoue Kikuko, who is not a stranger to being weird and evil, nor to gundam.

I think next time for Part 2, I’ll talk about McGillis, Alta, Turbines, education, Orga or Mika, and Barbatos. I think speaking more about the gundams and the Alaya system too much might be too spoilerish. I’ll see.


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