Sketch a Day – “A minute?”

I admit that I wasn’t doing much sketching because of school and babysitting pressure. I again forgotten how to loosen up, and once again some casual drawing teaches me to calm down.

Back in December, I did Billy Hatcher, and now I did a character from a hidden “gem”?

Or maybe its hidden coal?


This one didn’t take a few minutes. This is Socket from game of same name; originally, the game is called TIME DOMINATOR 1st (タイムドミネーター1st; taimudomineta 1st) and the character’s name was Minute (ミニット; minitto). Played it before, and was a bit Sonic-ish as it contained bouncing springs and smooth hills, and you can also run up ceilings and steep inclines. He could attack with light bolts; it also turns out that Time Dominator was the main antagonist that you fought at the end each stage. Looked like a flying moose.

Maybe I’ll do Pulseman sometime in close future. He was designed by the Pokemon creators. “SLASH ARROW!”


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