What I’m watching in Spring/Summer? (Anime version)

I need to be careful with what I watch because of time, and because I am already behind a few shows as it is. What I need to tell myself is “can I watch this on one day or not? Even if it’s just 30 mins only”. I am trying to remain in school and babysitting continues to be a matter.

Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON (Game site: http://www.mh-stories.jp/)
モンスターハンターストーリーズ RIDE ON

Based on CAPCOM’s popular action/role-playing series, the game being a spin-off for the 3DS, the story will be based on the Riders. It’s planned for 48 episodes, 30 mins, Fuji TV (source). The game launch date it set to be this year, and possibly so will the anime.

I might regret this. You’re probably thinking “This is very childish looking”, plus if its fully CGI, it may be a push off. However, there are full CGI shows such as God Eater, being well done, and I watched Ronja Røverdatter and enjoyed it. I enjoyed Knights of Sidonia too! According to Capcom (CAPCOM Press release Sept 2015), the show is for “parent and child”. Or maybe it won’t be CGI? Because here’s a key visual (along with voices of discontent): アニメ『モンスターハンターストーリーズ』が全48話(4クール)と判明!!賭けに出すぎだろwwwwww

As a small fan of MH, I want to see the project for myself before opinion. I don’t have a problem with youth shows. Someone has to watch it, no?


Macross Delta (http://macross.jp/)

I put the boys up because I felt like it. Set years after Macross Frontier, and launching fully in April, I am looking forward to this next installment of this series. I already watched the “zero ep”, which was already silly, so I’m just waiting. Like Gundam, I want to see if I can follow the series.


BEYBLADE BURST (http://macross.jp/)

Starting in April 4 is the new BB series after Ginga’s show. There’s a bunch of Yugioh, Vanguard, and Brave Battler shows, I like to pick up a sports anime. However, these shows are well known for going over 40 eps. Not a stretch if over 45? BB series is surprisingly very action-packed to a point where you can see illusions of animals (or the owners) doing attacks and causing destruction. So it’s not just spinning disks or face-up cards. I’d like to try one.

You’re probably thinking, “You’re better off with Yowamushi pedal, Initial D or Haikyuu” and you may be right.



D.GRAYMAN HALLOW (http://dgrayman-anime.com/)

The show has to be short, maybe 12 or 24 eps if we skip the zombie silliness. The author is known to be sick often and the comic is, along with monthly release, often put on hiatus. If I go with what I know what happened after timeskip, and since Alma is mentioned, I am expecting the show to be nothing but a destructive mess. Hallow is set for July.


Ace Attorney (http://www.ytv.co.jp/animegyakuten/)
逆転裁判 〜その「真実」、異議あり!〜

Gyakuten Saiban sono shinjitsu IGIARI!
Objection! Also starting in APril, April 2nd that is. A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Magi, Aldnoah zero. Grimgar, Seven Deadly Sins, FAIRY TAIL) is adapting it. I‘m really only going to do about two eps because a year ago, I was playing the first game. and I loved it. In all honestly, I want to play to the end; I assume that two eps will cover the first trial and an important situation. Already, the trailers look bad, compared to the panchiko game, and Naruhodo or Nick loses a part of his majestic aura thanks to Kaji Yuki’s voice. Not that I think that the show has the possibility to look better later.


Terraformars Revenge (http://terraformars.tv/)
テラフォーマーズ リベンジ

Photo of my boy Joseph because why not?
Cock-busting second season set for April. Why not? I rated the first season a bit low, even though I enjoyed it and OVA. It’s straight-forward and fun, your laws of the jungle type of survival theme. To my surprise, S2’s animation and characters seems…brighter? Is it just me? I mean looking at Hizamaru, he seems so cute (o-O). What happened? S1 looked grotesque and dark.

The first PV is Incredible Hulk hilarious.

Other interests: Kiznaiver, Joker Game, Boku no Hero Academia, Chain Chronicle, Sailor Moon Crystal.


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