More BF Catches #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier

Well, wasted gems that I’ve collected, sort of. I am a cheapskate; its under $20 for a 8 summon ticket bundle or 24 gems, and I rather not pay.

I wanted to get me Sirius (?) but ended up with duplicates and one new unit?

Also, I have achieved 100% on Lugina’s Grand Quest. These GQs are relentless I tell you, but the story behind this quest itself is interesting. A conflict behind Lugina and well shows you that he has an superiority (or is it inferiority?) complex.

Spoiler within, 6 star Lugina, and my new summons.

New Summons

 photo DOLK_zpspk89ntmv.pngThis is Dolk, who apparently once held the title of “Zelban”. Do you recognize the similarities between him and Zelban, another unit? Well, the leader skill looks like it has good potential: I’m only at 5 stars but its 15% parameters boost, which will increase. The Brave Burst (BB) attacks but also reduces damage, boosts defense, and removes ailments. Obligatory grass type abilities.

 photo darkdra_zpsaam6fzae.pngAh ha. I got another of the dragons, leaving the light type left. So this is Rugrow, who is probably going to have its name changed after evolution. In Arena/Challenge, dragons can be used as “genderless units”. Rugrow’s leader skill reduces light and dark elemental attacks. BB attacks and makes BB gauge go up after damage.

 photo flowernu_zps04azh0gt.pngPiany. Like Rigness, another water type, and Kanon, Leader skill guards you from all ailments. BB, “Swirl Sirno” removes ailments and boosts def, rec and BB gauge during spark.

 photo xenonpriness_zpsufosjmqn.png

Princess Rinon, who is protected by Xenon. She also has a leader skill that guards against ailments. Recovers HP, removes ailments and negates them for a few turns. So a support time mostly. As a 5 star, her title is “Holy Defender” so it is suitable.

 photo yujeh_zpsec1jyuai.png

Yujeh. Like Quaid, Reed, Logan and Darvan, your stats increase depending on the units you have in your team. The units need to have different elements; in Reed’s case its six units. Her BB attacks and adds light and dark elements to squad’s attack. This is only 5 star for now.

 photo magnetic_zpsfgtd7udz.png
Lafiel, who I’ve seen only once as 7 star as a friend lead. Leader skill boosts Hp and Def. Spark damage increases BB and damage is reduced for 1 turn. So she has some support abilities.

 photo newassai_zpsl9e48ltm.png

Here’s one of the new units: Melina, who gives off this assassin aura. Her brave boost is called Blood Lamina, which hits one unit and boosts BB gauge. Leader skill boosts attack. There is good potential. It also turns out she’s Chrome’s niece.

Grand Quest: Lugina

 photo roughLugina_zpsak9ocwvx.png

Grand Quests are terrible; what do you expect with Noah fabricating him. Lugina, you (the summoner) and Karl attacks on Nebulous, a shape shifting demon. The demon takes on Lugina’s appearance and provokes him. Not only that, it can copy Lugina’s abilities. Nebulous has a skill that can steal elements. I’ll leave out the story details. I just remember being a little mad because when I thought I beat it at 100%, I had an extra challenge. However, it just made me love Karl.

After my suffering, I get the emerald and awarded with 6 star Lugina.

 photo lugian6sta_zpsalxntouq.png

What do you know? Fin funnels.

I think I better get to 7 star (which is a pain because the extra Ishgria quests need to be unlocked in order it seems?) to see Lugina’s full potential. Lugina, however, has a good leader skill that increases atk and def stats at 100% for couple turns, and the Super brave burst has defense-ignore property.


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