More Brave Frontier Catches #ブレイブフロンティア


  • BC/HC: Battle Crystals and Heart Crystals.
  • ATK, DEF, REC: Attack, defense, and recovery (Unit stats)
  • BB/SBB: Brave burst, super brave burst
  • OD: Overdrive
  • HP: Hit point (but you knew that right?)


ID: 4766778298

Still trying to grab Lugina’s crystal. That Grand Quest is worse than I thought. I have a couple new catches, and evolved one of my units to level 6.

Also, there’s a new 7 Star update for the bunny girl, Carrol.


 photo chrome_zpshobyicer.jpg

I see Chrome (dark) a lot as lead for Arena and Quest, and I wonder why. I’ll have to level him up to his full potential to understand why. For now, only his 5 star increases HP as a leader skill, and boosts dark elemental damage as a brave burst.

 photo grassdud_zpswf2dyrbt.png

Dion (earth) increases critical damage and rate.

I also have Logan (dark) but forgot to make a photo of him.

 photo nadi_zps6s4ez45j.png

Nadore (Light) has leveled up and is looking interesting. HP increase, and either an atk or def increase depending on the amount of HP a unit has. The BB attacks and increases atk, def, rec, and light damage. I don’t know what SSB does just yet. To be honest, I don’t take her along much.

And now, at Easter’s time, we have Carrol. I had her for a long while and I saw a lot of potential, but didn’t put much growth into her. However, her level 7 looks great. HC/BC high drop, BB gauge decrease and turn boost; brave burst recovers BB and can attack with water, earth and light elementals. Extra skill? BB can remove status ailments and increase the effectiveness of BC/HC. SBB can boost stats, add Water, earth, light to attack, and boosts OD gauge.

And I might’ve left something out.

A true basket full of goodies. If you can, brab Carrol or Bonnie, who has an amazing cannon attack that inflicts status ailments.

 photo wheecaroll_zpsqzqk6aas.jpg


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