Sonic Memories Part VI: Toot Toot Sonic CD ( #sonic20th )


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For my next Sonic memory, I continue on with the console series with SONIC CD (ソニックCD) for the Mega/Sega CD, an attachment to the MegaDrive/Genesis. It then branched out to PC. Here is a FULL GAME Speedrun (TAS), US version. Released in 1993, a year before Sonic 3.

Sonic CD was also available in the Sonic Gems Collection for Gamecube and PS2. I bought the PC version and the CD was completely scratched up and worn out for playing it too much. And when I mean “too much”, I mean both playing the game and playing the soundtrack. I would put in it my stereo’s CD player.

Now, you can play it as mobile app.

Sonic CD is probably one of my worst games. Why do I say “worst”? Because, you can get through the game, from start to end, but I couldn’t 100% complete it. Also, it was a simple game, but had one great boss “fight”.

The gameplay/controls are simple, parallel to previous console Sonic games. You have the familiar spin dash, and up+button gives you a “run dash”. Both are used the same way, charging speed, but have different animations. For the “run dash”, Sonic’s feet becomes like a red wave. Thought it was interesting when I first saw it 😉 Or maybe I thought it fit him? Simple controls, simple levels (mostly?), great music, difficult special stages.

One thing that bothered me was Robotnik/Eggman and the special stages. While Robotnik had good boss concepts, they’re just not a good testament to him being a threat/boss. Robotnik in CD was mostly simple to challenge. You can have trouble with the first boss in Sonic 1, you might slip up and get caught off guard with the drill in Sonic 2, you could get cocky and fall to your death in Sonic 3, you had to jump your arse off in Sonic & Knuckles.

In Sonic CD, the first boss only took a few hits and some high jumping. He doesn’t fight back and its very easy to figure out; even more easier if you get hit and are invisible (like with final boss). Same with final boss. In Tidal Tempest boss, you barely had to worry about drowning, and in Quartz Quadrant, you had to run and jump. Personally, I think the toughest bosses of Sonic CD were from the following stages:
– Stardust Speedway
– Collision Chaos
– Wacky Workbench

Collision Chaos’s, freakin’ PINBALL, can be quite easy if you’re accurate. For the first time, for me anyway, it just wasn’t. Wacky Workbench, I think my main problem was timing the jumps and the electric floor. Stardust Speedway has my favorite boss (click to view), difficult because of one-hit death beam and the obstacles. You had to stay in front and reach the end. Quartz Quadrant might’ve gave me a problem.

Not sure what I can say about the level design (sans special stages, look below). It’s mostly what you expect from a 2-D game. In the first level, you can see Sonic’s backside when he goes up a vertical ramp…pretty cool. You have your obligatory tropical first level, your water level, your urban city (or factory) level. Stardust Speedway has a nice jazzy design to it with lights and snake-like roads, while Wacky Workbench has this complex feel to it, having magnetic floors, ejection carts (?), and floating blocks. When it comes to levels, those sticks out to me the most. Also, the last level’s shrink machine?

Special Stage
OH, the timestones were terrible! Bad controls and bad jump timing for me. So I was never able to get a GOOD ENDING in Sonic CD.

If you haven’t noticed, I really enjoy the soundtrack of Sonic CD. I never thought I would like the music so much, and it makes me remember that I have a tendency to like video game music even back then. I like both EU/JP and American versions almost equally. What I don’t understand is why did both versions leave in the music themes for the past and future stages?

I can’t tell you my favorites since I scratched up my game CD and wore it to death listening to the soundtrack 😉

More on music, like I said, the U.S and Jpn/EU versions have mostly different tracks. In Japan, the OP「Sonic‐You Can Do Anything」 and the ED「Cosmic Eternity‐Believe in Yourself」 is sung by UTOKO Keiko. Weird, but entertaining. It slowly grew on me, and I soon found it to be positive.

In U.S, there is “SONIC BOOM”. I heard it first and also liked it.

Excalibur is not that far. Makes no sense but you liked it.

Stardust Speedway is also in Sonic Generations.


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