Brave Frontier Deep Journey (and new characters) #ブレイブフロンティア

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About two or so weeks ago, I had a pretty good run in Brave Frontier (ブレイブフロンティア) time. As I reached the land of Ishgria, where the deep shadows of the story began to unveil themselves, and the past of the Akras Summoners Hall weighs down on you, it gets tougher. Therefore, I have my sights set on getting stronger and completing Grand Quests and the TRIALS of Randall. This is definitely due to the announcements of 7 Star forms for Karl, Seria, Lugina and Paris. It is a necessity.

For the longest I wanted to evolve Karl, who has a very aggravating Grand Quest for the 6-Star evolution.

Spoilers (photos included) for Seria and Karl’s Grand Quests, and Trials 003 and higher. Also, a 7 Star look of one of the 12 Guardians.

Lugina is next.


 photo KArl_zps4cus08hs.png

At long last.

Graham, as humorous and sadistic as he was, is an absolute pain. I still think it was luck, and I had to push myself to evolve 6 stars into 7 stars. I put Alto and Kira into Karl’s team; you’ll have to fight Graham twice (not including the beginning). Kira’s “ignore defense” and “critical increase” should be of help. Also, I’m really rigid when it comes to defending against status ailments, so I often take Rigness with me as leader since dark types love to curse and paralyze you. I think I took Priscilla with me as well, on Summoner or Seria’s squad but she isn’t well built. Graham is also a hard hitter and can heavily decrease HP of all allies simultaneously. I think that it was that one technique that decreases your HP to 1 but self-damages him that helped me….

After defeating Graham, you get the Sapphire to evolve Karl.

 photo KArl_zps4cus08hs.png

He has a cool (no pun intended) SBB (Super Brave Burst) that can both attack and increase his stats.

Also, as a award, you get Graham. I haven’t been building him so no opinion on him just yet. I also have the disciples that you meet on Grand Gaia such as Mare and Zurg.

 photo it_zpswagec6hg.png

After Karl, I went back to Seria’s GQ, wondering what thunder types to take with me. It is short but difficult quest, an endurance battle in which you have to complete three times in order to get 100%. This was achieved with the help of Kanon.

 photo kanon_zpss1vlhbz1.png


Not only Kanon, but a newcomer! REUD! I affectionately call him Gilgamesh.
 photo GILGARUED_zpszsmofbta.png

Actually, with Tilith path, I brought along Falma and Shera first. For Gradens, it was Kanon and Falma. Then for Lugina, it was Reud and Falma. Reud’s healing BB was very helpful, but the fight took longer. Keeping BB gauge increased matters, having brought Queen’s Tear (Reud), Phoenix Crown (Falma) and Perseverance Jewel (Kanon) along. Reud was only 5 Star at the time.

Defeating Seria’s demon nemesis, you get the ruby, the key item you need to evolve Seria into this beauty:
 photo SERIA2_zps0bmox2tc.jpg.

I’d say Seria’s leader skill is useful in a sense that she can increase the party’s attack and defense, but her SBB is the same as Karl’s.

TRIAL 003, 004, 005:
I think 3 and up, we meet the original forms of the Four Fallen Gods, who you can gain as a drop. I am stuck with Zevalhua (sp), whose voluptuousness is just as high as her tenacity and resent towards mortals. TO be honest, I am not in a hurry to fight Alfa Dilith. But oh, there are much worse things aren’t there?

I will see how tough Cardes and Maxwell are one day.

 photo CARDIE_zpsdeeaz4rq.png

12 Guardians: Rina
The Righteous Knight, Rina, one of my favorite 7 Stars. She has been helpful to me and it helps that she looks like a Gold Saint from SAINT SEIYA (another being Falma). Rina took the blow of one of her own Guardian peers, Farlon, who went into a blind rage. Her SSB can both attack heavily and help you regenerate your BB gauge.

 photo rina7sta_zpsa8bx0mac.png

I also have Farlon, who can be taken down easily, but also can hit hard.


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