MADHOUSE Road Adventure? Forget about it!

Heart pounding just thinking about it. I didn’t watch the Datona 500.

Think Spy Hunter or Twisted Metal when it comes to automobiles and weaponry, the latter being applied to a salivating sport.

Keep thinking about “sports”.

Forget everything you know about cars, and think of vehicles with HP over 10K (about 10 times than average sports car), faster than any 8 to 12 V cylinder, and don’t forget firearms.

This is REDLINE (2010). The title already indicates that RPMS are beyond the limit. As soon as I finish up an assignment, I’m about to hop into it and probably get mentally wrecked. But hey, it’ll be a good reward.

And I am all for something that is hand drawn, with a lot of effort, taking many years to finish. The director of this sci-fi car action movie is Koike Takeshi (小池健), who has been a part of many projects such as LUPIN THE THIRD: Jigen Gravestones, X, Ninja Scroll (Jubei Ninpocho), BIOHUNTER, HAJIME NO IPPO the Fighting, MIDNIGHT EYE. Original creator/script writer is Ishii Katsuhito (石井克人).

When I went to the official website a week or so ago, I quickly fell in love with the music.

On the cast side, at least the notable voice actor side when it comes to animation influence, this seems to be notable posthumous work of Gouri Daisuke. Aoni Takeshi is also included, and I miss them both. Main character voices are SMAP member Kimura Takuya and Aoi Yuu (Not Aoi Yuuki, Yuu).

Can’t wait to check it out.


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