“Why did Seiya bomb?” Intro


This is nothing. Basically, my hands moving over a quick diagram that I was making. A boredom side sketch while reading a textbook. It must’ve took me twenty seconds or less. Let’s call it: “I suddenly thought of Seiya.”

Last week, I almost thought that I was going to get a couple of zeroes, so I have to do better with pace. Maybe I need extra determination. However, I’ve also been constantly distracted by family.


So I found an article called “Why did Saint Seiya bomb in the U.S?” (and no, I did not ask that question). In addition to that, I saw a forum thread on MyAnimeList about “Why people stray away from old anime?”

Maybe the question that should be asked first is why does Seiya have a devout following in Japan, and also European, Latin, South American countries. I, myself, have to first thank a silly girl from Finland and fanfic readers outside the U.S.

As for comparing “Seiya with Super Sentai” I didn’t think about it. Maybe because it’s very emotional. Teamwork is quite prevalent in modern shows now. And if anything, Seiya Omega is more like Sentai; we have the 6th ranger like guy who is hesitant to join the team later, or is a villain first, AND then there is a [badass] girl fighter. Also, there is a ton of team fighting in Omega. In the original version, you would probably consider Shun the “female” (because of his armor being based on Andromeda myth).

Also, Seiya had a god awful dub riddled with censors.

I will consider this topic more for another time.


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