SaD + Katanagari

I’m at a point where my mind is so full, I’m not sure on how to properly plan on daily tasks. I try to put mental health on a high priority. In fact, it should be a high priority for everyone. For the past two weeks, all I could think of was my work, school, and babysitting and I forgot how to just be loose. When I doodled today, I felt relief, remembering that there’s more than being closed in and upset.

I’ve been nervous. I was nervous because of cramming. I worked, I babysat, and I couldn’t figure out how to manage my time to properly to look through the assigned readings. And when I do read, it’s difficult to absorb everything and implement into the assignment. I worry on hwo to set it up and if I can get it finished in three or four days. The readings are long; sometimes I have to relearn something from past chapters. And then there’s essays. Even when I do stories, a single chapter of a fic for example, sometimes its a battle for me to do three-HUNDRED words. About three-THOUSAND words can span to three or four pages approximately. And, then there’s the research involved and the proof I have to give that the research is proper.

Also, I face the the mental work of drawing.

You know, I don’t regret any of it. Maybe I’m frustrated because I can’t unleash my full motivation. I want to see if I can work really hard up to a point where I’m not intimidated.

Here are my quick impressions of Katanagari (刀語), and it looks like I picked up something nice here. An interesting theme of the young man, the current possessor of the Koutoryuu (虚刀流), a sword style without the use of a sword, employed under a self-titled female tactician to find twelve swords. Their chemistry is strange – the girl being clumsy and extroverted, while the man, being sheltered on an island and has never met others, is quite oblivious and goes by instinct. He seems very unenthusiastic, the type of guy who sighs a lot.

…but somehow they become a pair? Maybe the boy doesn’t understand the weight of the word “love” (ai)?

And we apparently have ninja with tights and golf caps on. Looks very interesting though.

So today’s Sketch of the Day is that oblivious boy, Shichika. Loose and terrible. Probably did it in five minutes. Since its the first time, it’s inevitably terrible with little symmetry.

 photo sketchaday_zpshsmgmrsb.jpg


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