Summoner Doggie’s Brave Frontier Tips: II

ID: 4766778298

School database is down, and I’m procrastinating a bit in reading my textbook. So now, I’ll do another entry on BF tips since it’s not fair to only post one, and all I’ve been doing so far is posting about my summons. I really should work on unit opinion entries.

While the Arena is more-or-less a brave burst, “it’s about who is buffed stronger and has the elemental advantage” bout, the Challenge Arena is a fun addition to global Brave Frontier, giving you to the chance to engage all of your units’ abilities strategically. In each fight, the circumstances change.

While interesting, the Challenge Arena sometimes has the disadvantage of being unfair when it comes to increasing in rank. You can’t use all of your strongest units at one time. If you are, your opponent might attack you first, and you won’t get more points. You have to be variable, which I like, but it seems like the opponent is still much stronger than you at times. Furthermore, status ailments are very brief.  Paralysis effect works best even if its just for one turn.

Here are the special battle conditions that you face:

Elemental (Light, Fire, Water, etc) Advantage: This is very simple. It’s almost a sure win if you have a leader unit with an elemental buff (ie: Vargas, Lorand, and Farlon for fire increase). If my calculator is correct, you get a 50% increase to your status.

Gender (M/F) or Genderless Advantage: The same as above, except its male or female. Robots and beasts are considered “genderless”. I want to add that “beasts” are also the ghosts, crystals, and everything else that doesn’t have much of sapien look. However, “robots” also includes Melchio and armored/golem units. Despite that, Melchio is considered a “he”. I might have to check on this more since I often used my Soul Bound units during the genderless fights.

Half Atk Parameters: A difficult circumstance. And it could be just me, but it looks like the damage decreases after each passing round. In any case, this is an endurance fight. Therefore, I like to use HP and/or def buff units and defense ignore techniques. Lin is a favorite of mine since her brave burst recovers HP and brave gauge each turn. HP/Def together are units like Bestie, Adel and Tridon. Fei, Orwen, Dilma, Vanberk, and Zephyr have defense ignore brave bursts. Mifune has a defense ignore leader skill.

No Brave Bursts: Very annoying, making you really put faith in your units. This is also an endurance fight and the leader skill can be useful here. The best offense is the best defense, so increasing critical (ie: leader skill of Claire) and attack would help.

No Leader Skills: It’s what it says, almost just as bad asno  brave bursts, but at least you have brave bursts, and if they increase parameters then its good. Also, defense ignore skills such as Vanberk and Zephyr.


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