Week 2, right brain, and Sailor Moon CRYSTAL: Deathbusters Chapter

Well, I just passed the second week and because I get worried about taking breaks, I became absorbed. That’s because I get distracted a lot. It shouldn’t take me hours to read a book chapter that is about seven pages long. I end up spending a day to review the assignments, and maybe a day or two to read a book, then I have three or four more days to finish what I must. In addition to the research, there’s work and babysitting. There’s also an additional class. However, I’m feeling positive.

Anyways, today’s topic is a storm. A catalyst of the magical girl genre: SAILOR MOON!

So, to keep it short, I thought of some suggestions on who’d be make some good choices for casting.

My first suggestion was for Professor Tomoe. It took me a while for some reason, but I ultimately ended up, and was deeply satisfied, with the choice of Seki Toshihiko (土萠創一役 関俊彦). A veteran, there are too many roles, from boy to man, tied to SekiToshi’s name. When it comes to a father with a soft surface and a hidden evil inside, isn’t Seki perfect? Seki voices Rau Creuset, an important antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED; at one point, the heroine (or should I say one of them?) confuses Rau’s voice for her father’s. Absolutely one of my favs is SekiToshi.

Second suggestion was for Kaolinite (カオリナイト), and its the ever popular Sawashiro Miyuki (沢城みゆき). Precure’s Twilight. I think anyone can name a show’s she been in, and mostly praises her. TO be honest, I’ll be very upset if she gets any of the Sailor Senshi. Many will get mad at me for saying that, but despite the repertoire of Sawashiro and use of quality, I don’t treat her like some goddess. And more importantly, she still has a timbre that makes her. Hana sounds cute (See below), Noto sounds cute (See below), Kotono (C.V of Sailor Moon) sounds cute, and all of them play youths, but their delivery and voice production are different. Girls plays boys, but there’s different pitch and weight in individuality. To keep it brief. While it looks like I’m ragging her, many of the chars Sawashiro plays has some kind of uncouth side (not to mention that voice), thus the pick for Kaolinite.

Hanazawa Kana (花澤 香菜) for Hotaru/Saturn (土萠ほたる役). I also thought Sawashiro at first before Kaolinite, but I think Kana will be better.

Michiru/Neptune (海王みちる役) – Noto Mamiko (能登 麻美子). As much as I desire for the original voices for Neptune and Uranus to return, loving them considerably through their careers, I have to brace myself. I can’t remember my other ideas, but Noto just sticks out. I can guarantee that soft texture in her voice. Since Michiru is like water, even when there seems to be a lack of emotion on the surface, the soft voice giving out a foreboding line such as “You shouldn’t be here” is something I wouldn’t mind in Noto’s voice. However, I worry a little bit on the battle shout?

Uranus/Haruka (天王はるか役) can be Shindo Naomi (進藤 尚美). Many suggested Saiga Mitsuki or Minagawa Junko (I don’t mind it at all), but I was thinking of more suggestions. Shindo being Aoni affiliation helps. There’s also Kokuryu Sachi (國立 幸). I also like Kaida Yuki (甲斐田 ゆき), and it might end up being her? Saiga might be too too masculine?

Deathbusters: They are “Monster of the day” characters in the comic, and will probably end up like that. So far, I thought of Han Megumi, Yukana, and Uchida Maaya. Lots of potential.

I may ramble more tomorrow. In anything, I wouldn’t mind.


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