Doggie’s recent Brave Frontier Catches

ID: 4766778298

It’s summon time, Brave Frontier (ブレイブフロンティア) time. I should do more tips but this is easier to do at the moment.

2016 is starting to get difficult at least in the entertainment era. Especially when it comes to smooth singing. There shouldn’t be a soul in this world who doesn’t know David Bowie; Glen Frey of the Eagles just today, a band that is easy to sit down and listen to softly; Natalie Cole was around the end of 2015 and had the honor to purchase her Christmas album many years ago;  Rene Angelil, husband of Celine Dion, had a long fight with cancer; Alan Rickman was a veteran in itself. Quite sure I’m missing a few more.

Here are my newest additions of Brave Frontier.


 photo kanon_zpss1vlhbz1.png

It’s Kanon! Sometimes I can’t help but think of the Saint Seiya character. I like a lead that can nullify status ailments (like curse and paralysis), especially when it’s against bosses, and it seems to be a tough unit, seeing the 7 Star in action from friends list. I have Rigness but I can’t buff his stats high enough.

 photo nadore_zpsowvtrdix.png

One of the new additions: Nadore as you can see. Potential seems high, the brave burst increasing a few stats.

 photo angel_zpsijaxvdxj.png

A new healer, Aurelia. Seen her a few times as leader for ally select, making me wonder about her abilities. Nullifies negative status, heals HP, and a defense buff. I think she definitely needs some testing. I like a good HP increase.

 photo korzanyea_zpsshbn2nr1.jpg

KORZAN! HECK YEAH! Like Grandt and the members of Athensphere, Korzan has a Raid Battle, and he is what he looks like: Tough as nails. I can’t wait to see his growth.

 photo dragonbwater_zpsoipgvwwo.png
The water dragon Rubues. I think I have the rest of the elemental dragons. I don’t have the light one; is there a dark one?

 photo shockaoldman_zpsntjuy7np.png

Rahgan. Leader skill increases attack power of all allies. I already like the look of this guy. I enjoy the “extra hit at turn’s end” effect like Toutetsu.

 photo gfaris_zpstcqnka8u.jpg

At first I thought it was Rosetta, but this is a different unit. I think I’ve seen 6 star Faris as lead unit many times, and I believe she’s reliable.

 photo luly_zpskakphc0y.png

Luly doesn’t look too threatening huh? Despite being titled “havoc queen”. Her brave burst increases heart crystal drop.


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