Week 1…#orz And future titles

This is my first time taking an online class.

Either I was tired or rushing myself, but I think I really screwed up on my first time. I told myself that it was OK and I could learn my lesson for the next week. However, I was boiling a bit inside for being unable to follow directions if its clearly in front of me. If I’m specifically asked “What phrase from your textbook defines this or that?” I shouldn’t make a paragraph describing something else. When I saw the answers from my classmates, I got upset.

“Oh…crap!” My answers will be seen, and I’ll look like an incompetent (or maybe arrogant) loon. Especially since I think I did my introduction well. What went wrong? I also had a bunch of quizzes to do, which I completed today.

My plan was to do seven paragraphs in about ten hours, which isn’t impossible. I had no idea that I had so much to absorb. Since I applied late, I only had a few days to adjust. I think I spent one day reading a document, another day to get used to the online class landscape, and them the last day I did the work. I told myself to send in something, showing that I tried and make an attempt to show that I read the textbook.

Isn’t this nostalgic? Honestly, I forgot this pressure.

And why are book prices so ridiculous? I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t read anything informational online. I need the material in my hand at best. Not a pad, or a kindle, but a hardcover. That’s actually another problem that I have. I still need a couple of my books.

This is rusty at best.

As for next entry ideas:

  • Why do I like Monster Rancher?
  • Brave Frontier Tips: Challenge Arena
  • Brave Frontier: More summon results?
  • Sonic Memories: Sonic & Knuckles
  • Promoting Thunder Future?
  • Self-motivation and what does a degree mean?
  • Literature ramble/Dawn of End

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