Takagi Wataru in SANADAMARU

I don’t think anyone will show this news, even if its new, about a guy whose has a wide influence in Japanese animation, video games, dubbing, and theater acting for a long time. To me, he is a flexible actor.

But despite his presence, I guess Takagi Wataru (高木渉) isn’t someone like Miyano Mamoru, Hayashibara Megumi, Nakagawa Shoko, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, or Nana Mizuki no offense to themDo I do this out of spite? Absolutely not. Matter of fact, Takagi means a lot to me, and seeing such fervor came off as a surprise.



Airing this month in Japan is “SANADAMARU” (真田丸), a tv drama about the exploits of Yukimura Sanada. Perhaps in the West, when we think of Sanada, we think of the Ten Braves, Osaka Castle, and the range of media franchises aspired from it. Sanadamaru is one of many drama that is particularly called a “taiga drama” (大河ドラマ), a term to mean a large scale historical fiction, and its been a series since the 1960s.

My boy Takagi here plays the role of Oyamada Shigemasa (小山田 茂誠), a servant of Takeda clan (character graph from official website) and husband of Matsu, who I think is the daughter of Sanada Nobuyuki.

I, myself, enjoy historical fiction but despite my interest, I am completely out of the loop with the dramas. I hope to to fix that in the future. This year, I want to make a review of the Seven Samurai.

GOOD LUCK TAKAGI-SAN!  (never looked more handsome).

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