Sketch a Day

There might be two today.

I actually did this yesterday. It was just a random sketch and i doubt I did it in under ten minutes. In fact, it was a full page of heads because I just like to sit down and randomly sketch facial features, or maybe fingers and hands, just for relief. More “seiya scribble” I guess. I have too much fun with the playful hair.

But what I chose out of the photo were drawings I made of 1/2 side proportions. I’m still trying to commit proportions to memory, an accurate view.

 photo nothinggreall_zps4bvatngy.jpg

I know, but I often forget. So I really need to make good references for me to reach and take out if I have to.

The key is splitting the face into three equally measured sections:

  • Head to eyebrow
  • Eyebrow to nose base
  • Nose base to chin

I had to trace one of the faces  because for some reason, once I pass the nose, it all goes to hell. The lips can be difficult to give it a natural shape. Or maybe, sometimes, I mess up the dip of the nose bridge.


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