SaD + One Punch Man quick thoughts

 photo saita1_zps8lpddpfk.jpg

Today’s sketch is Saitama with a big head. He has small brains but a crud ton of power.

First try, and it annoys me to erase so many times in and out of an oval. The second one turned out a bit better.

Finished this highly acclaimed show this week. I had trouble watching any shows due to babysitting and work, but after some thought, I just told myself to watch something for 30 mins a day. So either one or two episodes.

The main character Saitama’s whole theme is simplicity.  This cueball Gary Stu has a kind of fist that can knock you into seeing stars and oblivion with one hit, and then he can go home and eat his sandwich. Maybe that’s why its called One Pan (ワンパンマン) after all, “pan” also means bread. It also further enhances the aspiration from Anpanman. But you can live simple in the world of sakuga.

Maybe I shouldn’t call him a Stu because he trained for years.


However, in retrospect of the series, Saitama was infallible. What he lacks the most is his living style, smarts, and giving a damn. He said that he’s a hero for profit and fun, but doesn’t he show a caring side, more than that one side that wishes for a great opponent? This was all in one episode – the first one. The last episode was a repeat of the first one.

So apparently, I need the brain synax to get overloaded with explosions, gore, and distorted faces to consider a winning show. I think it’s sad since I’ve been mostly bored this year. Maybe these past two years.

A simplistic, loose, gaudy animation resulting from the passionate animation directors of MADHOUSE, the chief being Kubota Chikashi (久保田 誓). He belongs to GAINAX. There’s also, to name a few, Kojima Kensuke (小嶋 慶祐), Sawada Hidehiko (澤田 英彦), Ishibashi Shunsuke (小嶋 慶祐), and Se Jun Kim (金世俊, from SUNRISE). Oda Gousei (小田 剛生) is also an action director for the OP, and episodes 1, 4, 8 and 12.

There’s also interesting transitions. Sometimes, the character design and combat can look sloppy and ink washy, and in a cut later, there’s extra details to line for muscles and serious poses. tumblr_static_3q6bbaxkcwe8g0s8wk88c0c0w

Animation aside, Saitama and his disciple the cyborg Genos mostly takes the glory when it comes to battle. That’s especially true for Genos, who has every drawer and barrel, locked and loaded, jutting out of his limbs and torso.

The majority of the heroes are, while very discriminate, contribute to almost nothing against the city’s great threats. First ep, and you see a fraud of The Flash lay battered and beaten in city rubble. The enemies threat level rises each ep, even giving Genos trouble. We have a meteor that can destroy the entire city, and an ep afterward we have a Sea King that battered a ton of heroes into fodder (even one S-rank) for two episodes, and his threat level was lower than the meteor. Fortunately, the S-ranks showed significance, but you’d have to wait until the end for that. I liked Mumen Rider for being a good, humble guy.

But for Saitama, it’s just another day. Do we even need a second season?

The animated adaptation of this comic, One Punch Man, was short. Unfortunately, with all short series, it ends with some kind of calm, and leaves us asking more questions.

The OP and ED themes were great without question. I’m not sure if I know anyone who dislikes JAM Project. Their vocals and to-the-wall singing combined with the OP are a match.

I, personally, love Hiroko Moriguchi, and I was shocked to know that she was picked to sing the ending theme. She is the epitome of a melodious voice. One example.

Which reminds me, this entire cast and crew are all star. The singers, the animators, and quite a bit of the supporting cast. Two of my favorite voice actors happen to voice that bum Hammerhead…

and a dog.



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