Two Sketches a Day (Game & Watch #orz)

Today is a God Awful Mr. Game and Watch.



 photo gamrwa_zps0w8hziha.jpg

It is absolutely incorrect. Game & Watch looks simple, but I guess I am weak in outline.

I tried to just follow his exterior with my pencil, and I even held the pencil with all of my fingers in a balled grip. Super loose. I should’ve just stuck with shapes. But hey, it’s just the first time. I can only get better afterward. It probably took me 1-2 minutes with pencil first, and then pen, and I made little effort on purpose.

The second one is…on one of my lined pages from my small handbook that I carry around to take notes. Such as Shopping list, dates, etc.

 photo megarthumnail_zpsmsqmbvnr.jpg

I did this at work. What on earth you ask? This is….a thumbnail at best because I wanted to work on poses. And for the past two or three days, I was doing ref. sketches for Ginga to get a pinned down look on him, because no matter what I couldn’t change the idea of his hair (especially his hook-like sideburns).

I drew Megaera (above) a few times, but never formed an official look for her. She is supposed to look dangerous. Not sure when/how I’ll improve.

But now, the only idea that I have is short hair (not sure of color), a skirt cape and a scythe. The scythe is because she holds the title of “Swithern” or the crop/land destroyer. She may have a revenge theme.


2 thoughts on “Two Sketches a Day (Game & Watch #orz)

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