Michigan Winter and Me

I’m home, and old man Winter has truly hit today with over 20 mph (about 32 kph) winds, rain, and a blizzard.

I’m probably biased, or a “state patriot”, but I only wanted to drive Ford vehicles. Or rather, I wanted to follow its legacy. I’ve seen so many Focus, Fusion, and Fiesta, along with the ever obnoxious Dodge (rival of Ford?) Chargers (or maybe its the drivers), that I wanted to know what they were like.

But I was given a used Hyundai Santa Fe LE by a long-time family friend. Before her was a Grand Cherokee, but I won’t get into that story.

So this Hyundai has a lovely sporty-looking frame. What does that mean? I guess when I see it, I kind of thought “Ah, it looks like a type of All-Terran, Jeep type of car”. It has a V6  3.5 Engine and two wheel front drive. SO far, the driving has been simple so far. I’ll say this: All you have to do is tap the gas. I felt like if I pressed it too much, I’d rocket down the road. High acceleration.

Since it was snowy today, I didn’t feel brazen enough to try the so-called “auto-manual” or the Sport mode, so I don’t know if its four or five speed.

Nor did I try to drive without the traction control. Second thought, because weather’s been bad and I’m mostly in a closed or high traffic area, I haven’t gotten the chance to measure the FE’s potential with its speed and handling. Might have to wait until late Spring 😉


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