Sonic Memories IV: Sonic Spinball

This is a very quick one.

Sonic Spinball. And, I can’t believe that I found this:

 photo soniccartridge_zpsc2u19zhr.jpg

For the forth memory, I had three ideas at first: Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic CD, or a Game Gear game. I wanted to stay with console games and ultimately decided on SONIC SPINBALL. Maybe because it would take less time to type about, and S&K will end up as the fifth entry.

Here’s a TAS/speedrun of the entire game.

As you can see from above, I used to own Sonic Spinball, and beaten it only once. Not only was SPINBALL completely unconventional in gameplay compared to the other Sonic games, it only had four stages AND it was a difficult game. I guess the difficulty made me determined to continue playing it and work on my mistakes IN SHOOTING ACCURACY! Or should I say “flipper accuracy”?

The difficulty of this game comes from putting your faith in momentum and shooting correctly. You’ll never know if you end up in a death pit, or head over heels feet and yards above where you wish to be.

Sonic didn’t have much places to run through. Therefore, his movement was dependable through the use of flippers, boosters, slides, etc. Pretty much like a pinball game, and those machines were always an interesting piece of work. Other than that, control was very simple. A single button could make Sonic jump and he also maintained the spin dash from previous games, which helped him to go up ramps. He also had a ledge hang, which was pretty useful when you thought you’d miss a jump.

Flippers were frustrating, as were traps and collapsible garbage. And you had to progress through the game by collecting, once again, the Chaos Emeralds. Sometimes three, sometimes five or six. Maybe it was six total. So you had to search and survive. Luckily, there’s no time limit.

SPINBALL also had a traumatic moment or two 😉 In my opinion anyways. A robot snake that tries to eat you in the first level and an ugly boss in the second level is what I can recall.

Fourth/final level was some difficult @#%$. Maybe that’s the trauma, the whole thing. and a volcano?

If there’s something I actually loved about SPINBALL, it was ITS MUSIC. Once again, 16-bit Sonic (or 16-bit Sega period) gives off some of the most entertaining VG music I’ve ever heard. Such as the theme of the second stage, Lava Powerhouse! I immediately liked it when I first heard it long ago.

Now that’s what I call “rad”.


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