Sketch a day time!

To new followers: Thank you.

After a while, it’s a “sketch a day” time. At least, it’s supposed to be “a day”, but I was swapped.

My rule is to do a rough drawing in under 10-15 mins range, using a No.2 (HB) pencil. Since its a No.2, I don’t make light strokes and mistakes are obvious. Sometimes, I really like rough works even when an artist is an expert.

Today is Rie-chan from PopN’Music. Pop’in is a game series produced by Konami and Benami. When you see the name Benami, expect something very colorful and upbeat. They are also responsible for the Dance Dance Revolution series, which I am a fan of.


As you can see, I’m not the best with hands.

I really want to work with a realistic style. The cute style is not surprising since I’ve been a fan of animation and games for so long. Rie-chan is a cartoonish-looking character, and I just want my skill to go far.

I just hope I can improve in some months. I keep looking at photos and statues, and can’t figure it out yet. Practice, practice.


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